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the editors
Winter's best-laid plans.
American Prairie Reserve, Fall Road-Trips, Montana Road-Trips
Kurt Dehmer
Out-of-town fall trips.
Devil's Slide, Paradise Valley
Patti Albrecht
Paradise Valley's geologic story.
Krueger, Ryan
The grass is always greener, be it a fence or a cloudy day. Read more >>
Montana wilderness, Beartooths, thunderstorm, igniting the passion
Kesselheim, Alan
How wilderness flows through time.
Knight, Phil
It’s a tale as old as time: the lifelong game of chaos and uncertainty called seasonal work. Since I started mowing lawns as a kid, I’ve worked the seasonal circuit, bouncing from landscaping jobs to waiting tables to trail maintenance to wetland restoration labor to conservation jobs. Read more >>
Krueger, Ryan
It starts up in the trees: a frail rustling through the leaves brought on by a cold, bracing breeze. Sweeping down through the ground there is a change of hue—an array of a colorful display. Read more >>
Lewis, Jimmy
For most families, the word “exotic vacation” conjures up images of a luxury resort near an azure sea, sipping tropically themed cocktails on a white, sandy beach. Mom is lounging peacefully on a recliner, Dad is off fishing, and Junior is building a sandcastle. Exotic? Read more >>
the Editors
By most accounts, hitchhiking has devolved from a commonplace it's-all-good-bro kind of '60s sci-fi adventure to a life-threatening how-badly-do-I-need-to-get-to-Spokane art form. Like most dangerous pursuits, though, it's the stuff epic stories are made of. Read more >>
Swink, Bradley
I am passionately attracted to the state of Montana: Chico Hot Springs, the Crazies, Livingston, the truly amazing Corral Burger. All are powerful individually; collectively, though, they fuel an overwhelming desire to move to Montana. Read more >>
Use these websites to plan your next adventure: Visit MT The official travel site of the state of MT. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
The Grand Teton is a striking 13,770-foot spire of rock that rises dramatically out of the Teton Range in northwest Wyoming. It’s a common destination for Montana mountaineers, and accidents are not uncommon on this classic alpine peak. Read more >>
Paulson, Megan
High on the Tibetan Plateau, the Yangtze River sits at an elevation of 12,000–14,000 feet; surrounding peaks tower at over 18,000 feet. Nomads still roam the region, and remote monasteries are commonplace. Read more >>
Coble, Melynda
Backpacking through Corcovado National Park in Costa Rica last April, Mariann Van Den Elzen ran into three folks from the Bozeman/Big Sky area. The following week, in Puerto Viejo, two Missoulians on bikes stopped her to ask, “Hey! Read more >>
Center, Dean
I’ve helped hundreds of people travel to literally every corner of the globe, and my pre-trip visits with some of them continue to amaze me. Read more >>
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