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Upper Missouri Waterkeeper
A fishery under threat. 
Fishing Pollutants, Montana Fly fishing
Brayton, Lea
You may be doing more damage than you think. Read more >>
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the editors
Eat better this spring.  “Shall I not have intelligence with the earth? Am I not partly leaves and vegetable mould myself?” —Henry David Thoreau Read more >>
Western, Sally
Near Livingston, artist Parks Reece has made a new addition to the ever-evolving work of art that is his backyard. Built entirely out of salvaged and sustainable materials, a sauna now sits near his granite fire pit and barbeque. Read more >>
With winter just around the corner, it’s important to understand the different options for heating your home. Here’s a look at three different ways to stay comfortable when the mercury drops.The Sun’s Radianceby Todd Hoitsma  Read more >>
Sveum, Paul
We’ve all seen them. Like a herd of placid bovines at the feed pile, their Subys line up at the trailhead lot, so caked with dust and mud that you can barely read the Sierra Club, WWF, and “Live Simple So Others Can Simply Live” bumper stickers. Read more >>
Lach, Devon
When winter hits, trying to get vegetables locally becomes a seemingly grueling task, whereas eggs, dairy, grains, and meats may still be easy to find. So this winter, use these helpful tips for ways to keep your veggies local this winter. Read more >>
Williamson, Dean
Against my grandmother’s advice, I’d like to pass on a rumor. It’s relatively harmless, though I cannot confirm it. It goes something like this. Around the mid-‘60s, a group of women in Japan grew increasingly concerned about their food. Read more >>
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Creative solutions to a growing problem.
Mike England
Not only is it summertime, but it's also the Gallatin Valley Land Trust’s Summer Trails Challenge. Which means that every time you head out, you’re supporting GVLT—which in turn supports trail-building, trail-maintenance, and preservation of the scenic, wildlife-rich open land surrounding those... Read more >>
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Jennifer Mohler
More people, more problems. 
Bozeman Building Boom, Montana Economy
Bach Jr., Orville E.
The curse of measuring Montana's economy.
England, Mike
Nothing warms both body and spirit like a fireplace or woodstove in wintertime, not to mention the boon to your electric bill. The standard process around here is to harvest a truckload from the national forest, or buy a cord from someone who has. Read more >>
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New ways to reduce, re-use, and recycle."Waste is a tax on the whole people."—Albert W. Atwood Read more >>
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Didn’t git yer elk last hunting season?
Illustration by Angie Mangels
Slepian, Maggie
Looking to eat local and support your community farmers this season? Read more >>
Vinje, Eric
How to keep Bambi out of your garden Read more >>
Photo Courtesy WSE
Harrison, Melynda
All about the Western Sustainability Exchange
England, Mike
The great outdoorsman, grizzly expert, and author Doug Peacock once said, “I wouldn’t let a bunch of unimportant facts get in the way of telling a good story.” Bozeman author Scott Bischke seems to agree, with his engaging allegory on global warming, Fish Tank (MountainWorks Press, $13). Read more >>
Pihl, Ron
The valleys we inhabit are prone to wintertime inversions—just take a quick trip through Missoula in January for a perfect example. Without a moving weather system to clear out the air, particulate matter can easily accumulate to unhealthy levels. Read more >>
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