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Mimi Matsuda, Montana Artist, painting
the editors
Artist Mimi Matsuda talks inspiration. 
art, painting, poetry
HG Moser
Lucas Stevens
Your invitation to civil discourse. 
The Mountain Lion and Me Film Review
Luke Ebeling
A local filmmaker finds wildness in his own back yard.  Read more >>
Big Sky Resort, Big Sky Big Grass, Billy Strings
Taylor Burlage
A bluegrass bonanza. 
Sweet Pea Festival, Bozeman
Angie Mangels
Festival rundown with O/B's creative director. 
National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole
Jess McGlothlin
Jackson's summer culture calendar.  
Bozeman Holiday Market Jubilee
Lilly Brogger
The first annual Holiday Market Jubilee. 
the way snow hits water, smoke monster
Greg Keeler
A damsel with a dulcimer in a vision I once saw.—Samuel Taylor Coleridge Read more >>
skiing, powder, chairlift
Tessa Miller
All angels fly to the Bridgers.Begin the final waltz towards heaven’s gates. Read more >>
Painting, art, poetry
Alan J. Couture
Gatlin’ Dave stared at his quarrywith eyes of burning ice—Raised the rifle to his cheekand fired once. Then twice! Read more >>
Art, poetry, painting
Audrey Steinfeldt
If I could pick a place to dieI wouldn’t think on itI’d lay me under this big skyOf sun and clouds and gritI’d sing a mournful lullabyBut hold back many tear Read more >>
Todd Davis
     Under a Montana sky, blue-black with smoke from August fires,the weight of my line unspools, pushing away from the fly rod  Read more >>
Todd Davis
    The doors of the brook trout’s pink gills openand close as it wriggles in my palm, back  Read more >>
Dan Spurr
Hey you!With the stick in your hand!That your dog?Wanna hear something?In the hour betweenthe wolf and the dogwhen the earth opensthe brothers howland people diehe follows me up the mountain trailYou must be sleeping Read more >>
fish, illustration
Ashley Nelson
The sky pledged its justice to vastness and distant mountains remained unable to reveal their rugged nature against such a force. The scene was magnified tenfold by the unbroken surrounding water reflecting everything essential back into the ether. Two earths existed. Twins. Read more >>
illustrations, artwork
Holden Sieler
Bryan Schaeffer uses illustration to get people outdoors. Read more >>
"Boiling River" by Kelsey Dzintars Boiling River, Art, Yellowstone, Bozeman, Night
the Editors
Kelsey Dzintars uses art to connect.
Life, Transitions, Youth, Journey, Knowledge
Kent Kasting
The knowledge we have is outdated.The experience we have, underrated.Our stamina, such as it is, goes ignored.Our desire to keep up, underscored.The young replace the old.An unkind process: but direct, obvious, and cold. Read more >>
painting, poetry
Al Nyhart
     Hunting marmots in Augustnear the Shields Riverwe found parts of youburied in a sandstone outcropwith tools washed in red ochreTwelve thousand years Read more >>
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