Cowboy Country

Southwest Montana is still packed with the traditions of cowboy country. From horse-riding to barrel-racing to... pig-wrestling? Yup, you'll find it all here.

cowboy up, skin thickening lotion
Joe King
Skin-thickening lotion hits the Montana market.
first peoples buffalo jump state park
Corey Hockett
Exploring the traditions of those who came before. Read more >>
elk hunting, snow, cold
Corey Hockett
Learning the hard way.
running, hunting, runting, bird dog
Chris McCarthy
Strengthening the canine-human bond.
Mike England
Lone Mountain Ranch's sleighride dinner.
cowgirls, code of the west,
Courtney King
Paying heed to the way of the cowboy. Read more >>
horseback riding, horses, hunting
Vicki Sielaff
When horse and hunter meet.
Painting, art, poetry
Alan J. Couture
Gatlin’ Dave stared at his quarrywith eyes of burning ice—Raised the rifle to his cheekand fired once. Then twice! Read more >>
taxidermy bars, restaurants, food
Cordelia Pryor
Top taxidermy bars.
hunting, prairie, eastern montana
E. Donnall Thomas Jr.
Hunting Montana's eastern prairies.
Art, poetry, painting
Audrey Steinfeldt
If I could pick a place to dieI wouldn’t think on itI’d lay me under this big skyOf sun and clouds and gritI’d sing a mournful lullabyBut hold back many tear Read more >>
history rock, hyalite, geology
Patti Albrecht
Early inscribers at History Rock.
hunting clothing, camouflage, blaze orange q
Kurt Dehmer
What to wear come killin' season.
tobacco root mountains pony montana
Amy Horner
The story of a one-horse town.
Heroes and Horses
Brayton, Lea
Using wilderness to help veterans. “When riding a horse, we leave our fear, troubles, and sadness behind on the ground.” —Juli Carlson Read more >>
CB Cattle Ranch, Madison Valley
the editors
Summer at the CB Ranch.
Beaudoin, Kate
Hootin’ and hollerin’ aside, rodeos are some of the best events of the summer. Check out traditional bull riding and calf roping, or see what wild cow riding and mutton busting are all about. Read more >>
Tom Reed
There’s a tradition I repeat twice a year, every year. It begins in late May three miles east of the tiny mountain town of Pony, Montana, at the Karl Ohs Ranch. Read more >>
Dehmer, Kurt
Approximately 60 miles south by southwest of Bozeman, in the heart of the Madison Valley, lies the agreeable little town of Ennis. Originally a place of annual pilgrimage for the Shoshone, Flathead, and Bannack Indians, Ennis remains to this day a place frequented by seasonal visitors. Read more >>
Lavold, Susann
Just by turning in my saddle, I could see ten different mountain ranges. The isolated and fierce Crazies, the Big Belts, the Castle Mountains, and the majestic Gallatin and Bridger ranges were to my left, scraping against an azure sky. Read more >>
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