Hyalite Canyon, Fly Fishing Bozeman
Jessica Rounds
How a Valley Girl landed in Bozeman. 
Orville Bach
Music and fireworks in the open air.
Montana steak, beef
Ax, Teresa
Douglas fir cold-smoked tenderloin.You can’t always hop in the car and hit the road for your steaks, and sometimes making beef in-house is the only option. But don’t fret—this recipe will make you the hit of your next BBQ. Read more >>
Fall Booze, Montana
England, Mike
Top fall intoxicants, by activity.
Bridger Range
Dr. Lou Walters
How Outside Bozeman got me to run the Ridge Run.“You have to write an essay,” said a local runner. We were talking about registering for the Ridge Run. She had been completely coherent up until this statement. I began to assess her for a stroke. Read more >>
photo by Simon Peterson
Mike Coil
Ask any hardcore, dedicated, addicted powder skier about their first time, and you'll likely get exquisite details about one run or ski day where they  Read more >>
Best StoryCutthroat, Crabcakes, and Horses: A Week in Wild Montana Read more >>
Dave Reuss
Summers in Bozeman just wouldn’t be the same without a cold one in your hand at the end of the day… but just any ol’ brew won’t do. Read more >>
Shannon Weber
Outdoor art around Bozeman.
Brad Japhe
In a more cosmopolitan setting it could be entirely expected that any sort of romantic outing might take place over an expensive meal at some trendy gourmet eatery. In and around Bozeman, however, romance can and maybe even should assume a decidedly rugged form. Read more >>
Gallatin valley, sunset
Mike England
"Let us love nobly, and live, and add again years and years unto years, till we attain to write threescore: this is the second of our reign." —John Donne Read more >>
Mike England
I intended to mow the lawn. I really did. Not that I felt any real need to, but I’d seen someone else doing it, so I thought what the heck, I might as well do it too. Read more >>
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