Mike England
A pack for all seasons. 
Gregory Packs Salvo 24 Gear Review
Tucker, David
I used to think having a daypack was unnecessary. “I’ll just use my ski pack or my bike pack,” I’d say. Read more >>
Patagonia SnowDrifter
Doar, Melissa
Finding the right pack for a tour into the Montana backcountry can be frustrating—until now. The Patagonia SnowDrifter20L makes a great sidekick for short excursions. This ultralight, water-repellent pack has a durable Cordura exterior. Read more >>
Manfrotto's 3N1-35 PL Pro Light
Krueger, Ryan
Getting the shot often means having the right gear accessible at the right time—and relying on an average pack will only get you so far. Read more >>
winter, Outside Bozeman, Montana
Howlett, David
In preparation for my first season on the Ridge, I needed a solid snowboard-specific pack that could also carry my backcountry gear. Research led me to the Ridge SB Pack from J.A. Gear. Read more >>
Mystery Ranch pack, backpacking,
Hamilton, Felicia
Two words came to mind when I was deciding on a new pack: quality and comfort. The new Big Mountain pack from Mystery Ranch delivers both. Quality was a no-brainer; Mystery Ranch is known for their top-notch products. Read more >>
SealLine, shoulder bag, waterproof bag
Howlett, David
I put my shoulder bag through punishing abuse every day, so I was excited to try the Urban Waterproof Shoulder Bag from SealLine. Read more >>
biking pack, day pack, osprey pack
Angie Mangels
The more I use the Zealot 16 from Osprey, the more I fall in love with this bike-specific pack. Read more >>
Hessman, Patrick
A summer hike can be ruined with the wrong pack, especially if it makes the heat more stifling with heavy, insulating padding. The AC Aera 24 from Deuter was designed to specifically avoid this sweaty mess. Read more >>
England, Mike
For a sturdy, all-purpose pack that won’t break the bank, check out the Mystic 65 from Mountainsmith. Read more >>
England, Mike
You may have heard of the GoRuck Challenge—the all-night, military-oriented sufferfest designed to take people past their perceived mental and physical limitations. Read more >>
Krueger, Ryan
I never go riding without my pack: it’s a fixture out on the trail and holds every necessity for mountain travel. I therefore need a comfortable and spacious bag that won’t hold me back. Read more >>
Min, Dan
I like to hike and day-trip, so was looking for a medium-sized backpack that can hold enough stuff without looking too bulky—and the Eureka Wolf Jaw definitely fulfills my requirements. Read more >>
England, Mike
“We are what we repeatedly do,” said Aristotle—and unless you like being a pre-pubescent pansy-ass, ditch that glorified purse of yours and start hauling around a GO Bag by Gerber. Read more >>
Howlett, David
Have you ever purchased a new piece of gear, and after using it, wondered how you ever got along without it? This is exactly how I feel about the Duthie AM 17.0 hydration pack from Platypus. Read more >>
England, Mike
Dry bags will always be standard on the river, but gone are the days of being stuck with the standard blue tube. Read more >>
England, Mike
Summer in Montana means multiday backpacking trips—but not everyone wants to drop a few hundo on a fancy pack. One affordable alternative is Eureka’s Rocky Peak 50+10L. Read more >>
Reuss, Dave
I love fishing, but I won’t wear a fanny pack—it’s not the ‘90s. Thankfully, the Westwater Chest Pack from Fishpond provides a great option to the more fashion-conscience fly fishers among us. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
The Osprey Aura has more bells and whistles than a one-man band at the Whoville Christmas parade. It’s built for extended trips and doesn’t miss a beat—if you can think of it, this pack’s got it. Read more >>
England, Mike
Nothing makes outdoor folk happier than when a treasured recreational product, long lost to the vicissitudes of time and market forces, rises once again. Read more >>
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