GoPro Hero 7
David Tucker
Now that GoPro has dropped the Hero 8, I thought it was high time to review the Hero 7. Read more >>
Hyalite, Window Rock, Bozeman
Cordelia Pryor
Two products to ease the inconveniences of summer. With the high alpine finally clear of snow, it's time to head for the hills. In order to get the most out of your summer backpack, stash these two products along for the trek. Read more >>
Review: Petzl Bindi
David Tucker
From dawn patrol to post-work dog walks, the Bindi from Petzl hasn’t left my pocket since I got it. And why would it? Read more >>
Review: Garmin inReach Explorer+
Chris McCarthy
Being prepared in the backcountry is important, and that’s why you should make the inReach Explorer+ f Read more >>
Salomon Advance Skin 12 Step, Trail Running, Bozeman, Montana
Chris McCarthy
Packing enough water for a long run is tough in summer heat. Read more >>
Power Practical Sparkr Review
Mike England
Despite the hegemony of modern headlamps, the handheld flashlight is still going strong, and its future seems bright as ever. Read more >>
Motorola, two-way radio, walky-talky, walkie-talkie, Outside Bozeman
Mike England
Contrary to popular belief, your beloved smartphone is not a panacea—whip it out while deep in a side-canyon up Hyalite, for e Read more >>
Jimmy Lewis
I've searched far and wide for a secure iPhone mount for my dual-sport motorcycle, and have finally found what I’m looking for: the made-in-Bozeman Read more >>
Lander Moab Case
David Tucker
Working at an outdoor magazine, I often mix work with pleasure. On an evening bike ride, for example, I'll bring my phone to snap some photos for Instagram or Facebook. To protect my phone in the field, I need a burly case, one that will thwart screen cracking after inevitable drops. Read more >>
Spring Training, Group Run, Health & Fitness
the editors
The season's best health & fitness products. 
Leatherman Signal
David Tucker
If you could get 20 tools for $100, you’d do it, right? Read more >>
Moment Superfish Lens
David Tucker
The Superfish, Wide & Tele. 
Bike Balls, Gear Reviews
the editors
Product-review rejects.
Paddleboarding Bozeman
the editors
Putting standups to the test.
light, power station, Gear Aid ARC Light & Power Station
Mike England
Re-Review: The stuff we once loved and still do. Read more >>
Review: Soundcast VG1
Mike England
Whether it’s an all-day float or one last hoorah at your favorite swimming hole, music goes a long way. Read more >>
Review: Bevanda Tumbler
Travis Wilson
Bevanda's triple-insulated stainless-steel Tumbler caters to those who need a longer-lasting hot cup of coffee or ice-cold Read more >>
Review: Costa Hinano
Mike England
Simple, stylish, durable, polarized: these are the four pillars of good sunglasses—the all-purpose, outdoor-recreation kind, anyway. Read more >>
Review: Sherpa Gurkhali
Simon Peterson
Imagine your favorite jeans on steroids and wah-la, you get the Sherpa Gurkhali. Read more >>
Review: GSI Microlite 500 Twist
Wangmo Tenzing
The MicroLite 500 Twist stainless-steel vacuum bottle from GSI Outdoors is coming out to play. Read more >>
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