Lander Moab Case
David Tucker
Working at an outdoor magazine, I often mix work with pleasure. On an evening bike ride, for example, I'll bring my phone to snap some photos for Instagram or Facebook. To protect my phone in the field, I need a burly case, one that will thwart screen cracking after inevitable drops. Read more >>
Spring Training, Group Run, Health & Fitness
the editors
The season's best health & fitness products. 
Leatherman Signal
David Tucker
If you could get 20 tools for $100, you’d do it, right? Read more >>
Moment Superfish Lens
David Tucker
The Superfish, Wide & Tele. 
SMITH Guide's Choice
Tucker, David
Few things are more essential to an enjoyable outdoor experience than a good pair of sunglasses. This is even more true during summer in the mountains, so I sprung for a new pair this year and ended up with the Guide’s Choice from Smith. Read more >>
FuelBelt, Helium 2-Bottle Custom Fit
Tucker, David
Staying hydrated on the trail isn't easy, especially in drier ranges like the Bridgers. And since I've been training for some longer distance runs this summer, I've needed to carry water. Read more >>
Paddleboarding Bozeman
the editors
Putting standups to the test.
Gerber Freescape
Tucker, David
Nothing is more essential than a good knife. It’s the ultimate tool and when you buy one, you can never imagine when and where you’ll need it. The applications are endless, and this winter, I’m using a Freescape folding knife from Gerber. Read more >>
Lawson USA TitanStraps
England, Mike
You’ve probably seen them around town—bright-orange straps lashed around ladders, PVC pipe, and extension cords. Read more >>
The Turtle Shell Speaker by Outdoor Tech
Tucker, David
The sounds of silence make wilderness a special place. But the sounds of music make car camping, working out, tuning skis, and adjusting bike chains all that much more enjoyable. Enter the Big Turtle Shell Wireless Speakers from Outdoor Tech. Read more >>
Mid-season gear roundup.
Brinno TLC120
Brandy Burke
The new Brinno TLC120 time-lapse camera makes a great travel accessory. It’s small enough to throw in a pack, it sets up anywhere, and it doesn’t require housing. Not a professional photographer? Read more >>
Sabre Bear Spray & Bear Horn
Mike England
There’s a new player in the bear-spray game, and they’ve added a new line of defense: the safety horn. It makes sense, right? Disrupt the raging bear’s behavior with as many sensory inputs as possible. Read more >>
Katadyn BeFree
Melissa Doar
When it comes to recreating in the great outdoors, hydration is essential. Thanks to the Katadyn BeFree filtration water flask, the guesswork has been taken out of where your next drink will come from, giving you a little extra peace of mind when venturing into the backcountry. Read more >>
Native Eyewear Sidecar
Chris McCarthy
This time of year can be frustrating—I leave the house with clear skies but by the time I get to the trailhead the clouds have rolled in. If I go without shades on cloudy days, my eyes dry out from the wind, but if I wear my sunglasses I struggle to see in the trees. Read more >>
Lost Remedy Joint & Muscle Cream
Tucker, David
My ski season usually begins with a week or two of sore thighs and aching knees. At the ripe old age of 31, I can’t recover as quickly as I used to. This season, I’m using Joint & Muscle Cream from Lost Remedy. Read more >>
Nanuk 933 Review
Peterson, Simon
If you shoot photos in the outdoors, there will come a time when a protective case is a necessity. When that time comes, reach for the Nanuk 933. It’s impact-resistant, lightweight, and rugged. Read more >>
Brinno BCC 100 Review
Peterson, Simon
The lightweight and compact Brinno BCC100 time-lapse camera captures and converts thousands of photos into a time-lapse video immed Read more >>
Kammock Roo Hammock Review
Mabie, Nora
Built for adventure, the Roo Hammock is ideal for anyone who wants a hammock but doesn’t want to deal with the fuss of setting up and taking down Read more >>
Avex 3Sixty Pour
Tucker, David
Nothing beats hot coffee, especially on a crisp mountain morning. But all too often, after, I go to drown my work-day sorrows in a hot cup o’ joe and it’s stone cold. Not anymore, as the 3Sixty Pour Thermos from Avex has changed all that. Read more >>
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