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Hamilton, Felicia
Two words came to mind when I was deciding on a new pack: quality and comfort. The new Big Mountain pack from Mystery Ranch delivers both. Quality was a no-brainer; Mystery Ranch is known for their top-notch products. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
Whether you ice climb or ski, the Alpine Alibi II will cover your digits in comfort and style. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
You’ll never have to worry about sudden snow flurries while wearing the Salida Hoody from OR. Thanks to the Alpin-wool Plus fabric, you’ll be well protected from finicky Montana weather. Read more >>
Pollastro, Joyce
Barefoot running had always seemed to me like a way for companies to sell us creepy hybrid glove-shoes, so I stayed loyal to my cushy sneakers… until I slipped into a pair of Merrell’s Bare Access Arc 2. Read more >>
Canfield, Sarah
Let’s face it: a girl can never have too many socks. And if you’re an avid trail runner like me, the Hike/Trek 1/4socks from Darn Tough are sure to stand out as you rummage through your overflowing sock drawer. Read more >>
Slepian, Maggie
Just because you like to climb mountains, your athletic capabilities don’t necessarily carry over to solid footfalls on a steep, scree-heavy descent. Thankfully, Lowa’s Mauria GTX mid-rise hiking boots have your back—and your ankles. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
When the snow is melting and rain fills the gutters, Keen’s Willamette boots are on my feet nearly every day. They’re part of the company’s BLVD collection, meaning you’re meant to wear them on streets around town and not on the trail—a lesson I learned the hard way. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
Comfort and function are the most important qualities I look for in my shoe choices, and the Chaco PedShed Shoe delivers on both. With the trademark Chaco LUVSEAT platform, these shoes provide great arch support and all-day comfort. Read more >>
Caselli, Lauren
I’ve gotta be honest: I’m one of those girls who loves the outdoors—but hates looking like a marshmallow while I’m out there getting my hike on. Enter Eddie Bauer’s Mountain Guide Lite Pants. Read more >>
Lach, Devon
In the middle of autumn, I rarely wish for the bone-chilling snows of winter to return—but after putting on my new Aussie Dogs Bonzer boots, there was a small part of me that hoped just a few flakes would fall. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
There are a few things that are vitally important when I’m shopping for a pair of new sunglasses: they must be big enough to provide protection from the sun and wind, sit snugly against my face without being claustrophobic, provide good ventilation, and be able to sit on top of my head when I wal Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
The Osprey Aura has more bells and whistles than a one-man band at the Whoville Christmas parade. It’s built for extended trips and doesn’t miss a beat—if you can think of it, this pack’s got it. Read more >>
Sundborg, Caitlin
Throughout the years, I’ve rolled my ankles more times than I can count. Because they’re about as stable as a drunk toddler, I need extra support when it comes to traversing rocky trails. The AKU La Stria boots give me the stability I need and the comfort I want. Read more >>
Sundborg, Caitlin
I love the snow, hate the cold, and used to believe that I was a little high-maintenance… until I slipped into the Chaos. One of the toastiest jackets I’ve ever owned, this baby is perfect for those chilly Ridge days. Read more >>
Sanderson, Maria
Seeing “Chaco” on the box of my new hiking boots raised an eyebrow: Chaco makes hiking boots? But my beloved Chaco sandals have been with me for over ten years and we’ve covered a lot of ground together, so I had high expectations nonetheless. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
The Joan of Arctic Boot by Sorel is a modern twist on the classic boot we’ve all come to trust from the first name in winter footwear. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
As a well-endowed and active woman, I’ve always struggled to find the perfect sports bra. Over the years, I’ve tried different bras with mixed results and usually resorted to the best underwire option I could find. With the ENELL SPORTS Bra, I can finally stop searching. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
What first appealed to me about The North Face Maddie Raschel was its comfort—it’s lined with what the company calls “super soft, super lux Silken fleece,” and it certainly lives up to that colorful (albeit uninspired) description. Read more >>
Mangels, Angie
Whether it’s rain, snow, or slushy conditions, you don’t need to worry when you have the Mara Waterproof Boot from Chaco on your feet. The full-grain leather boot is stylish enough to wear to work or school, but isn’t too overly warm or stuffy when worn inside. Read more >>
Beaudoin, Kate
I’ve always been a serial sunglasses shopper—the cheap kind. I must have spent thousands of dollars on glasses that look a little lopsided and last less than a week. Read more >>
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