Review: Oboz Juniper

Oboz Juniper Insulated Boot, Oboz, Bozeman, Montana

Review: Oboz Juniper

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Danielle McCarthy

My husband is well known for saying “function, not fashion” when it comes to outdoor gear, but with the new Juniper 6”  insulated waterproof boots from Oboz, I can get both.

The Juniper is eye-catching; I got the Coca / Deep Dive color scheme, but they're also available in Eclipse Black / Beet. While I love the way they look, they’re much more than just eye-catching. With 200-gram Thinsulate lining, waterproof Nubuck leather and fabric, and a wool-topped upper, these boots are all-weather footwear. They’re great for getting around town in the wet snow of winter and with a six-inch upper it takes a real dump to get over the ankle. The Juniper also has Oboz B-DRY membrane, which gives one more layer of protection against wet conditions, while still allowing moisture to escape out. With just a thin pair of ski socks my feet are toasty warm and completely dry at the end the day. 

My first mountain outing was a hike up Storm Castle. I did experience some slight heel-rub as I started the climb, but mitigated that issue by tightening the laces. Ample toe-box room kept my toes from pinching on the descent, and the winterized outsole provided ample traction in most conditions, apart from solid ice.

Function, fashion: the Oboz Juniper 6” supplies it all for cold-weather excursions.


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