Women’s Sawtooth Mid B-DRY OBOZ
Melissa Doar
"I’ve worn lots of shoes. I bet if I think about it real hard I can remember my first pair of shoes." So said Forrest Gump, and the same can be said for my first pair of hiking boots. They were full leather, heavy, took forever to break in, and didn’t grip anything when wet. Read more >>
Oboz Women's Sawtooth Low
Joyce Pollastro
I've always been skeptical of low hiking shoes because of their lack of ankle support. Read more >>
Vasque ColdSpark UltraDry
David Tucker
Comfort and function for winter hiking.
Lorpen Precision-Fit Ultalight
England, Mike
Two things are paramount in a ski boot: comfort and performance. And the sock you choose to wear affects both significantly. Which is why I’ve switched to the Precision-Fit Ultralight from Lorpen. Read more >>
LOWA Innox GTX Mid, Montana Backpacking
England, Mike
Gone are the days of weighty, oversized hiking boots—those eight-pound clodhoppers that made the ankles invincible but limited one’s pace to a slow, steady walk. Read more >>
Pearl iZumi EM Trail N3, Bozeman Trail Running
Tucker, David
The best part about testing gear in Montana is that you never know what the elements are going to throw at you, and our terrain is so varied that conditions are never certain. Read more >>
McCarthy, Chris
Fall trail running can be as unpredictable as a night at the craps table in Vegas. You might encounter ice, mud, snow, or if you’re lucky, a dry trail. You can ask other runners through various forums about trail conditions, but each person’s perception of “good” is different. Read more >>
England, Mike
Long have I sought the ideal mountain boot: lightweight, for easy travel on long treks into the high country, but also sturdy, for scrambling up rocky slopes and safeguarding my ankles under the weight of an elk quarter. Read more >>
Ericksson GTX, Vasque Boots, Bozeman hiking
Tucker, David
Every once in a while, a product comes around that I won’t shut up about. The Ericksson GTX from Vasque is such a product. These boots were made for walking, and that’s just what I do in them. I walk up mountains; I walk through mud; I walk around town. Read more >>
England, Mike
When the peaks and alpine lakes call, pick up the Tibet GTX Hi from Lowa and head to the high country. Read more >>
Hoka OneOne Challenger ATR 3
David Tucker
Spring in Bozeman means variable trail conditions, so if you’re going to spend time on the run, you’ll need a shoe that can handle it all. Enter the Challenger ATR 3 from Hoka One One. Read more >>
Hi-Tec Waimea Falls
Melissa Doar
Rarely does a product come along whereby I find myself secretly hoping for the end of ski season in exchange for warmer temps. The super-comfy Hi-Tec Waimea Falls casual sandals actually had me contemplating such nonsense. Read more >>
Rockport Trail Technique
Simon Peterson
I walk a lot—around town and in the mountains—and I have struggled for years to find durable and practical shoes that fit my wide foot and also fit a modest budget. Thanks to the Rockport Trail Technique, I have to look no further. Read more >>
Oboz Madison Boots
Stoops, Kira
These comfy-cute snow boots belie a beastly survival instinct. I jumped into ankle-deep half-frozen puddles, and watched the water just roll off. Trekking up snowy, wet trails, I couldn’t keep them dirty. Icy concrete? No slipping. Read more >>
Howlett, David
I’ve put many expensive boots and shoes to the test over the years, so I was quite surprised at the performance, fit, and features of the moderately priced Mou Read more >>
StreamTrekkers Boot
England, Mike
If you’re sick of slipping and sliding on slime-covered rocks all summer long, but don’t feel like dropping a bunch of dough on new boots, then pick up a pair of StreamTrekkers. Read more >>
LOWA Phoenix
Sipes, Terri
Having spent most of the past decade hiking in sandals, I was a bit skeptical of a trekking shoe. I thought they’d be heavy, stiff, and cause damage to my feet. Wow, was I pleasantly surprised, as the Phoenix GTX Lo from LOWA definitely are not my mother’s hiking shoes. Read more >>
Garmont Sticky Rock
England, Mike
Whether I’m clambering over coarse granite in Pipestone or speed-stepping rock on the steep way up the M, I need a shoe that grabs. Alas, my heavy-lugged hikers, designed for dirt and other soft surfaces, invariably slip on smooth rock, especially on the downhill. Read more >>
OBOZ Scapegoat
McCarthy, Chris
The trails are calling and my answer is the Oboz Scapegoat Low. This versatile light-hiker is perfect for heading up Sacajawea Peak or a simple stroll along Peets Hill. Read more >>
Lorpen T3 Light Hiker Shorty, Montana Hiking
England, Mike
Gone are the days of 12-pack tube-socks, worn until hole-ridden, stinky, and stained; today’s high-impact outdoor activities call for socks that match the rest of one’s apparel in performance, comfort, and moisture-control. Read more >>
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