Review: Kammok Roo Single

Kammok Wallaby Hammock

Review: Kammok Roo Single

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Mike England

For an impromptu spike camp on early-season elk hunts, you can’t beat the Roo Single hammock by Kammok. At a wispy ten ounces and stuffing down to the size of an apple, you won’t even know you’re carrying it—until you find yourself deep in the woods at sunset, a huge bull bugling away. Set up the Roo and spend the night in comfort, ready for action the next day. Use the meat-hanging cord that's already in your pack; simply make a couple loops around two trees, clip the Roo in, and voila, you’re ready to rest.

This hammock can also be stashed in the raft for overnight float trips in the spring and summer, saving weight and set-up time on the river. Or slip it into your pack for some comfy repose after a long hike to an alpine lake.

Available at Chalet Sports. $65;

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