Therm-a-rest NeoAir All Season SV
David Howlett
After two seasons of heavy abuse and several patch jobs, it was time for a new air mattress. I opted for the four-season, rugged, go-anywhere NeoAir All Season SV from Therm-A-Rest. Read more >>
GSI Pinnacle Dualist
Tucker, David
Convenience is king these days, and it doesn’t get much more convenient than the Pinnacle Dualist cooking system from GSI, especially if you backpack in pairs. Read more >>
Nemo Tent
Mangels, Angie
I was looking for a tent that could go from car camping to the occasional backpack, that would have a bit of interior room while keeping a low profile, and could handle a variety of weather. Read more >>
MST WhisperLite Universal
Tucker, David
The WhisperLite stove from MSR has been the gold standard of backpacking stoves for years, and now the product is better than ever. Read more >>
Montana Backpacking, Thermarest EvoLite
Tucker, David
Let’s get one thing straight: sleeping on the ground sucks. But it sucks by degrees. Read more >>
MSR Papa Hubba NX, Montana Camping
Howlett, David
When my family outgrew our beloved Mutha Hubbard three-person tent, upgrading to MSR’s larger Papa Hubba NX four-person backpacking tent was an easy choice. Read more >>
Montana Camping, Car Camping Montana, Therm-a-Rest
the editors
Gear to get out.
Petzl Tactikka+, Montana Camping
England, Mike
Headlamps are a dime a dozen these days, which is great—more competition means constant improvement and increasing options. My new favorite just happens to be from Petzl, the company that pioneered headlamp-development back in the ‘70s, making hands-free lights for cavers and mountaineers. Read more >>
MSR Autoflow Gravity, Montana Backpacking
Tucker, David
For outdoor recreationists, water is essential—for cooking, for cleaning, and to keep ourselves and our furry friends from dehydrating. But water is also heavy and takes up space, especially on longer backpacks. Read more >>
Pollastro, Joyce
In the mountains of Montana, even the warmest days can yield chilly nights. For someone who’s always cold, extra warmth is a must in any sleeping bag, and the Lithia Spring SL 15 by Big Agnes delivered just that. Read more >>
Montana Summer Camping, Brooks Range Drift 0, MSR Windboiler
Tucker, David
Summer's best.
Nemo Puffin Blanket
England, Mike
Most of us have that special, multipurpose blanket—the one in constant movement, from couch to camp, back yard to the back of the truck. Mine’s an old army blanket, and I love it; but I have yet to find a bedmate who will even feign affection for my beloved blanky. Read more >>
Everest Stove by Camp Chef
Howlett, David
Cooking over an open fire is a romantic notion, but experience has proven that doing so usually results in burnt food served up with the tell-tale smell of singed arm hair and the painful sting of flame-licked flesh. Read more >>
The camp  chef sherpa table
Howlett, David
Car-camping prep normally consists of multiple frenzied and unorganized trips from the garage to my vehicle. That was before the Sherpa Camp Table & Organizer from Camp Chef completely revolutionized my process. Read more >>
Howlett, David
I had a pretty good idea of what I was looking for in a new cookset for my raft—it had to be compact, light, and it needed components to dish up meals for four people. The Pinnacle Camper integrated cooking and eating system from GSI Outdoors fits the bill perfectly. Read more >>
McCarthy, Daniel
Simon and Garfunkel. The Indigo Girls. Cheech and Chong. Any good duo can perform independently, but the combination is pure magic. The Mira 15F women’s down sleeping bag and NeoAir XLite air mattress from Therm-a-Rest are no exception. Read more >>
Outside Bozeman, Headlamp, UCO
Mike England
Think headlamp design has reached its zenith? With bike-helmet-style adjustments and a full-range brightness dial, UCO’s X-120R X-ACT Fit shines new light on what a head-mounted light can be. There are no buttons to break; the Infinite Dial turns seamlessly from 0 to 120 lumens. Read more >>
Cooking in the backcountry, camp skillet, windburner accessories
David Tucker
Cooking in the backcountry can make or break an outing. This summer, do yourself a favor and get the easy-to-use Windburner accessories from MSR. Read more >>
Nemo Nocturne 15
Chris McCarthy
I’ve never been a fan of mummy bags; I understand their usefulness when backpacking, but even then I’ve been known to take a traditional bag for comfort. NEMO must have read my mind because they’ve combined comfort and packability with their Nocturne 15. Read more >>
ExtremeStart Pine Mountain
England, Mike
Yes, we know, every Bozemaniac worth his or her salt should be able to start a fire with a match—and ladies, beware the bumbling bloke who can’t—but sometimes you want a big flame right away, so you can move on to more important things, like eating and drinking. Read more >>
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