Review: Nemo Spike
Mike England
Nothing beats chasing elk through the high country—and nothing’s worse than being caught in a nasty squall five miles from camp. Read more >>
Review: Zenbivy Bed 23
David Tucker
When I opened Zenbivy’s ultralight sleep system and saw instructions for a video tutorial, I was skeptical. Why do I need instructions to sleep? Read more >>
Review: Uncharted Supply Co. Zeus
David Tucker
For all the batteries that need charging. 
Review: MSR Hubba Tour
David Tucker
MSR’s Hubba Hubba is a backpacker favorite. But what if you want to go light, fast, and long without sacrificing features?  Read more >>
Review: Camp Chef Rainier
Angie Mangels
With the compact and efficient Rainier two-burner stove from Camp Chef, a hot beverage on a chilly morning i Read more >>
Mike England
Years ago, I spent many a night under an army-issue poncho, and I’ve been searching ever since for a civilian model that replicated it in terms of size and weight, but with a few improvements for making a bigger, better “hooch.” I think I may have finally found it in the Read more >>
Primus PrimeTech 1.3L
Taylor Burlage
With an integrated burner, two 1.3L pots, a lockable pot-gripper, and a lid with an integrated colander, the Read more >>
Kammok Wallaby Hammock
Mike England
For an impromptu spike camp on early-season elk hunts, you can’t beat the Roo Single  Read more >>
Jayco, camping, camping trailer
Mike England
The challenge for those who want to haul a camping trailer—apart from being teased about getting soft—is finding a m Read more >>
BearVault, bear vault, bear spray, Outside Bozeman
David Tucker
Testing a bear canister proves challenging, as to fully appreciate the worth of your product, you have to encounter a bear Read more >>
Therm-a-rest NeoAir All Season SV
David Howlett
After two seasons of heavy abuse and several patch jobs, it was time for a new air mattress. I opted for the four-season, rugged, go-anywhere NeoAir All Season SV from Therm-A-Rest. Read more >>
Stephanie Schmieding
There’s a lot to be said for being able to fit everything you need into one pack, whether you’re day-hiking, camping, or planning to disappear into the wilderness for a while. Read more >>
Review: Nemo Switchback
Mike England
Compact air mattresses may be the new backpacking norm, but they’ll never be as comfy as traditional foam pads—especially those with modern upgrades. Read more >>
Car Camping, Bozeman, GSI Outdoors, Meat Shredz
the editors
Upgrade your outdoor kitchen. The height of camping season may be over, but it isn't too late to check out some new kitchen products for your outdoor kitchen. Here are a few of our favorites. Read more >>
Review: Clevermade Tahoe
Mike England
For picnics, daytrips, and après-activity refreshments, the CleverMade Tahoe i Read more >>
Review: Nemo Tensor Ultralight
David Tucker
There’s light, there’s ultralight, and then there’s the Tensor Ultralight from NEMO. Read more >>
Review: Nemo Escape Pod
David Tucker
When you’re traveling light and fast in the backcountry, space and weight are always at a premium. Read more >>
Annie Lindersen
Whether it's post-supper chores or heeding the call of nature at 3am, frigid high-alpine air can take all the fun out of a Forest Service cabin. Read more >>
Wangmo Tenzing
Bubi’s BPA-Free Water Bottle is redefining what water bottles can do. Read more >>
Review: Helinox Chair & Table
Mike England
Ever since Helinox redefined the lightweight, collapsible camp chair, I’ve kept two of them in my car-camping kit—they're compact and comfortable, and they set up quick Read more >>
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