By The Numbers

By The Numbers

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954,421,128: dollars per year spent on elk hunting, according to the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation
1,201: dollars spent per year by the average elk hunter, per RMEF
1,238: dollars spent per year by the average trail deer hunter, per RMEF
1,182: dollars spent per year by the average duck hunter, per RMEF

2.3%: percentage of American workers who earned minimum wage in 2007, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
86.7%: percentage of these people who earn less than minimum wage per hour but collect tips, per BLS
7.14: median dollars earned per hour, including tips, by waiters and waitresses, per BLS

180: the internal temperature (in degrees Fahrenheit) of a properly cooked Thanksgiving turkey, according to
15: average weight, in pounds, of a Thanksgiving turkey, according to the National Turkey Federation
10: percent of people who gain more than 5 pounds during the holidays, according to a 2000 study from the New England Journal of Medicine
55: percent of people who made a New Year's resolution to lose weight in 2007, according to a Weight Watchers survey
14: percent drop in the sales of nutritional diet aides between January and February, according to The Nielsen Company

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