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Man's Best Frame
Bozeman is a dog town, no bones about it. Our canine companions are a major part of the outdoor scene and deservedly so. They guard sloppy camps against bear infiltration, wait patiently at the bottom of long climbs, bound en perpetua about the avid hiker... hell, some hounds even suit up for whitewater rafting adventures or indulge themselves with bridge and cliff jumping. No matter how tall the tail, we want to hear all about it and see for ourselves whatever it is that puts your four-legged friend at the head of the pack. If you smell what we're steppin' in, send your best dog photo to [email protected] along with an anecdote that explains why your pooch deserves the title of Bozeman's Top Dog*. Winning entries will receive a yet-to-be determined prize from the O/B Treasure Chest... but you can bet your butt it'll be sweet. Check out for more info.

*"Dogs" that can fit into purses for airplane rides, are often confused with rodents or housecats, or cannot muster an appreciable bark need not apply.

Where the Sun Don't Shine
Once the sole domain of the sweat-soaked veggie-cultivator, the Farmers Tan has evolved far beyond the "bronzed forearm meets milky bicep" cliches of yesteryear. Nowadays, a sharp-eyed solar sleuth can spot a raft guide the moment the trademark "Z" from the sandals is exposed or spy a carpenter's high sock-line over some apres-drudgery suds at the local watering hole. Still, there are hundreds upon hundreds of obscure tan lines still waiting to be discovered and photographed in the wild. O/B is actively seeking documentation of these unprecedented or underappreciated tan lines in exchange for an incalculably valuable reward to be calculated at a later date. (In case you were wondering, dramatic bikini lines get extra points-let's see 'em, ladies.) Send your pics to [email protected] with a short description of how the sweet summer stripes were achieved.

Dirty Love
There's a special kinship that develops between a vehicle and driver after logging some hellacious miles together in the hills. A good rig seems to crave the unimproved roadway, relishing the challenge of the frame-jarring, boulder-laden course spread before it and stomping like a gleeful child through every pool of standing water in sight. Upon returning to civilization, the bumps, scrapes, and mire collected from a deep-woods mission are proudly paraded down Main Street, much to the chagrin of the primped and polished town cars whose pathetic shopping cart dings pale mightily in the shadow of a true road warrior. We at O/B want to recognize and celebrate the battle-ravaged crew-transports that make many of our wildest adventures possible. Snap us a photo of your rig in all its' filthy glory and send it to [email protected] for a chance to win an armful of O/B swag. For more info, visit

Cache Money
Mountain moguls and techno-geeks alike are gonna love this one-Outside Bozeman's First Annual Geocaching Contest. From the back-alleys of Bozeman to Hyalite's rugged hillsides, well-concealed caches await discovery by southwest Montana's strongest, fastest, and smartest treasure hunters. Details to come (check as well as our Facebook page for updates), but suffice it to say that this contest ain't no tea party, and wimps will be weeded out quickly. Loads of loot await the victors, including $250 in cash and a $500 Lowrance GPS. Navigators, start your gadgets: it's time to cache in and cash out.
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