Bridger Ski Foundation Annual Ski Swap

Bridger Ski Foundation Annual Ski Swap

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Orem, Tina
Every year in New York, Filene’s Basement has a famous one-day sale where leftover designer wedding dresses, each worth thousands of dollars, go on sale for $249. As you can imagine, there is a long line outside and a hectic, crazy scene inside. Boobs and crying everywhere. Not something many of us could tolerate.

Unless maybe those designer dresses were skis. Yes, a good gear sale is one of the few things besides a lift line that we’re willing to wait outside for on a cold morning. That’s why every fall, hundreds of snow lovers wait outside the fairgrounds for hours to get first dibs at the Bridger Ski Foundation’s annual Ski Swap.

For a small admission fee ($2 when we went), you can peruse rooms full of gear from gear shops and individuals all over Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. About half the stuff is brand new. Snow is the theme, and skis, boots, and snowboards abound. But snowshoes, skates, outerwear, goggles, beacons, and kids’ gear were also plentiful when we went.

The swap works on consignment. Sellers pay a fee when their gear is sold, and this, in addition to the admission fee, helps the foundation pay for coaches and other expenses. Like the Filene’s sale, the morning crowd is eager and large (some would say pushy and overwhelming), so think about going in the afternoon. The prices are reduced on the second day, too.

Bill, who was working the door, told us that there is more here to pick up than just gear. “A lot of guys show up to meet the girls,” he said. This year's swap is November 3, 4, and 5. For more information, visit
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