Contest: Re-Create This Shot

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Think you know the slopes around Bozeman like the back of your hand? Got an action-photographer's eye for light and composition? Or just want a crack at great prizes while out skiing and having fun? Then get out there and Re-Create this Shot—take your own version of the photo below, which appeared on the cover of our very first winter issue (Winter 2000-01).

Outside Bozeman Winter 2000-01

Judging criteria include image quality, most accurate re-creation of the scene, and overall likeness, among others. Best shot wins a Saddle Peak pack from Mystery Ranch and a BCA avalanche-safety kit from Chalet Sports, worth $600. Additional prizes will be awarded for funniest re-creation, best additional detail, and more—and get bonus points for naming the people from the original photo: one in the air and one behind the camera.

Re-Create This Shot Outside Bozeman

Use the submission form below, or email your image – and a quick story about getting the shot – to [email protected]. Hi-res JPGs only, please.

Submission deadline is May 1, but don't wait till then to get the photo, as the mountains will likely be less white and wintry-looking.

Good luck, intrepid skiers and photographers, and may snow, skier, and light converge in your favor.

Hi-res JPG only (300 dpi at 5 inches wide).
If ya got one
Tell us all about the shot.
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