Joshua Bergan
The ice is right.
Small-town skiing Outside Bozeman
Cordelia Pryor
Take a road trip to one of Montana’s hidden gems. Read more >>
the editors
Ski all day, boogie all night.
the editors
And every other hot spring around. But definitely Boiling River. Read more >>
the editors
Just outside Bozeman lies the area’s recreational crown jewel: Hyalite Canyon. Read more >>
Josh Bergan
Take an avy-education course in one of the snowiest, wildest, and most beautiful spots around. Read more >>
Below is our Winter 2019-20 crossword puzzle. Answers will be revealed on March 1, 2020. Good luck!Across Read more >>
Get out. Explore. Take photos. Maybe win some stuff. Definitely have fun. Read more >>
It could be argued that no season defines Bozeman better than winter. After all, what’s more iconic than the Ridge at Bridger, Big Sky’s Tram, or ice climbing in Hyalite? Read more >>
Want to win these hiking boots? Of course you do. Read more >>
the editors
Livin’ on your edge.
Melynda Harrison
Visit this quiet spot for some solitary skinny skiing. Read more >>
Got a hair-raising tale of outdoor misadventure? Maybe a near-death tumble down a mountainside, or a close encounter with a grizzly? Read more >>
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