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News & notes from Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association.

The riding has been fantastic the last couple weeks, though winter is looming and the end of the dirt-riding season is upon us. As ski season begins, Southwest Montana Mountain Bike Association (SWMMBA) would like to share some of the amazing things we have accomplished in our first six months, and thank those that have contributed.

First off, we have very exciting news; the BLM has approved the travel plan for Broadwater, Park, and Gallatin counties—including the Copper City trails proposal! The plan is currently in a 30-day appeal period, required for federal agencies. We are likely a month away from a green light on creating excellent three-season riding near Three Forks. Special thanks to Tim Hawke for his efforts, planning, and vision.

 Copper City Bike Trails, Mountain Biking Three Forks
View from Copper City

In 2016, Leverich Canyon was our top priority. Volunteers put in 600+ work hours into this trail, not including behind-the-scenes planning. Our Leverich hero, Stoney Blouse, put in over 100 of those hours himself. We are pleased to now have sustainable berms and better drainage on Bozeman’s most-ridden and well-loved trail.

 Leverich Canyon, Leverich Mountain Biking, SWMMBA
Fruits of SWMMBA's labor

On Forest Service land, including the Bangtail Divide trail, we put in 739 hours of work and cleared deadfall from 54 miles of trail. Corey Biggers deserves a huge shout out as he singlehandedly cleared most of the CDT in southwest Montana from West Yellowstone beyond the Centennial Valley. SWMMBA invested 388 hours on private, city, state, and BLM land. Big thanks to all of our volunteers and sponsors. Be sure to reach out if your organization or business would like to sponsor a trail work day in 2017.

In town, the Westlake Park Dirt Jumps were a huge accomplishment. Volunteers, led by Richard Hayes, dedicated more than 900 hours and 130 machine hours. Hopefully you attended the dirt-jam party on Saturday, October 8. This event was a great success with 100+ people riding, spectating, winning raffle prizes, and picnicking into the warm fall evening. We plan to host this family-friendly event next year, as well.

 Westlake Dirt Jumps, SWMMBA, Bozeman BMX
The jumps at Westlake Park

Looking ahead to next season, we hope to begin work on fundraising for the Copper City trail network, pending the approval of the BLM travel plan. Other future projects include mountain-bike trails at Bridger Bowl and mapping, signing, and building trails in the Moser area of Hyalite Canyon. Your continued volunteer labor and financial support will help make these projects a reality.

For more information about SWMMBA, visit southwestmontanamba.org.

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