Missed Connections

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Bridger Bowl edition.

I was behind you in the lunch line at Deer Park Chalet. You ordered the last black bean burrito. I lamented to my sister (note – that was not my girlfriend) that I was going to order that. You offered, jokingly, to give me half. Our eyes met briefly as you were applying salsa. I wondered if we might share a backpack lunch someday. I would totally split all my food with you.

Couples Skiing, Bridger Bowl
Lunch-line Juliet: this could be us.

You: old Subaru, burgundy red, with a TGR bumper sticker and goggles hanging from the review mirror. Me: silver Prius, license plate, “Namaste." I was pulling out of a sweet parking spot in C lot at 12:30pm on that eight-inch powder day last Thursday. You had the brightest smile when our gazes met through the windshields. There was magic in your eyes, but that may have been the joint you smoked on the drive up.

To the hot snowboarder riding Flippers yesterday. You had purple pants and a puffy coat. You were falling a lot and I could see that the bare skin on your lower back was bright pink. I was on the lift watching you. You struggled but I could still see that you gave it a really good try. There was a guy waiting for you at the bottom of the run, and he kind of seemed like a jerk because he didn’t want to dial things down to your pace. Is he your boyfriend? If so, you can do better. Meet me at PK next weekend and I will be nothing but encouraging.

Snowboard Couple, Bridger Bowl
Single-plank goddess: our future looks bright.

To the dad at ski school drop-off who is always claiming his son is not in a challenging enough group: please shut up. Are you trying to make a good impression with me or the other moms? If so, you're failing. I think I saw you skiing last weekend (South Bowl? You had lost a ski and were hiking back up?). It appears you could use a lesson or two yourself.

To the super cute dude who picked up my ski pole! I saw you behind me in the Sunnyside liftline and while I don’t normally believe in love at first sight, after just one glance at you I got so flustered that I dropped my pole. Your warm smile made me forget that I was cold, and suddenly I wanted that lift-line to last forever.  Do you remember me too?

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