A Mile in Her Boots

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A Mile in Her Boots

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Baskerville, Pope

A Mile in Her Boots
edited by Jennifer Bové
Traveler’s Tales, Inc.

The women whose stories appear in A Mile in Her Boots: Women Who Work in the Wild come from widely varied backgrounds and have different jobs. They are alike only in their choice to work outdoors.

That being said, all 33 stories in this collection also share common themes. From Kathy Marieb tracking grizzly bears in the Cascades, to Angela Cannon “collecting clouds” in the Adirondacks, to Kathleen Yale working on the Gray Wolf Restoration Project in Yellowstone and beyond, these women talk of peace, a feeling of accomplishment, and a happiness found in being reminded of their place in the natural world. They each have chosen their respective lifestyles because, as editor Jennifer Bové says, “the wild is unshakable” in them. Local readers will feel right at home reading tales of the Bitterroot, the Bob Marshall, Seeley Lake, Glacier, and Idaho, and anyone—male or female—who loves being outdoors will hear echoes of themselves in the voices of this great collection.

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