season pass, season passes, Big Sky, Bridger Bowl
Drew Hulse
Season-pass options explained. 
Winter Skiing
Kirk, Karin
Downhill skills for the backcountry.  
Ternua Ascent GTX Pro
Pogge, Drew
Ternua is a new company to the U.S., but has been making quality products in Spain for 20 years. Read more >>
Bridger Bowl Parking Lot
the editors
O/B’s answer to parking-lot wars. 
Patagonia Refugitive
Doar, Melissa
If you’ve spent any time in Montana’s mountains, you know how unpredictable the conditions can be. Built to endure those conditions, Patagonia’s Refugitive hardshell is my new go-to jacket for all seasons. Read more >>
Smith I/O
Tucker, David
Seven winters ago, I bought a pair of Smith goggles because they had a slight scratch on the lens and were therefore discounted. Read more >>
Montana Skiing Economy
the editors
The sport's economic impact.
Bridger Ski Foundation
White, Jenny
Getting ready for a BSF winter.
Crossfit Belgrade, Crossfit training
Sipes, Terri
Do CrossFit for a better season.
dryland training, Bridger Ski Foundation
White, Jenny
Stay ski-fit with dryland training.
skiing, blood loss, Montana
Miller, Sam
Controlling blood loss on the ski hill.
Bridger Bowl, the Ridge, Schlasman's, Outside Bozeman
the editors
A mini-guide to Bridger's expert terrain.
Backcountry/Avalanche Conditions:
Skier code, Bridger Bowl, Outside Bozeman
the editors
O/B's downhill dos and don'ts. 
Night Snowfall, Bozeman Winter
Drew Pogge
When the weather changes, so do we.“Freedom is something that dies unless it’s used.” —Hunter S. Thompson Read more >>
Grizzly Outfitters, Boot Fitting
Pogge, Drew
Your feet are worth the investment.
DIY Pete Ski Rack, DIY Ski Rack
Pete Sveen
DIY ski storage.
RideSwell Project, Carpooling Bozeman
Tucker, David
An app for carpooling.
Ski-Season Prepartion Tips, Bozeman
Pogge, Drew
Getting your fall fill.
Ski Boot Fit, Foot Mechanics
Peach, Megan
The benefits of custom orthotics.
  • Alpine

    Bridger Bowl, Pierre's Knob
    David Tucker
    Mid-mountain, mid-week. 
    Bridger Bowl, Big Sky, skiing
    the editors
    The Ridge. The Tram. Both icons are so ingrained in southwest Montana ski culture that there is no confusion when their names come up. Read more >>
    ditching, bailing, day off, powder day
    Emma Nord
    What to say when the mountains call. 
    Bozeman, Ski Bums, Backcountry, Bridger Bowl
    the editors
    Four fanatics who make skiing a top priority. First chair. Last call. Whiteout. Bluebird. Fall line. Front-side. Backcountry. Read more >>
    Bell Lake, up front, skiing
    Drew Pogge
    Awaiting the bounty of midseason. 
  • Telemark

    Mike England
    Ah, the T1. Amazing how such a simple letter-number combination can evoke so much unbridled lust. Like most developing tele skiers, I’ve always wanted a pair. And now, thanks to the established protocols of gear-review reciprocity, I have them. Read more >>
    Schmidt, HJ
    Creative costumery, copious cross-dressing, amazing music, parades, parties, prizes, and pandemonium—it’s not New Orleans, it’s Mardi Gras in Montana: the Montana Telemark Corporation’s Pinhead Classic, affectionately referred to by freeheel fanatics everywhere as “the Pinhead.” Every spring, imp Read more >>
    Orms, R. Kent
    Telemarking is one of those things, like rock climbing or perhaps fly fishing, that can’t be easily explained to outsiders. I mean, why make skiing harder than it has to be? Read more >>
  • Snowboard

    K2 Cinch Tryst Binding Review
    Howlett, Destynie
    After renting equipment last winter, I was determined to spring for a full setup for the upcoming season. Read more >>
    McCarthy, Danielle
    No more heel lift! Say goodbye to heel wedges, J-bars, C-bars, or any other special insole and hello to the Passage snowboard boot from K2. The Passage comes with the Boa Closure System, which helps distribute even pressure across the top of your foot and up the ankle. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    “If you get buried down there and die,” Kent asks, “what do you want inscribed on your tombstone?” Read more >>
    Metrick, Dee
    There’s a wise older woman in my life who told me, “Don’t give advice, just tell your story.” So as we head toward winter and the plethora of outdoor recreational activities associated with cold smoke, I can’t help but give in to the urge to tell all women under 30: Do not learn skiing or snowboa Read more >>
    Soule, Brian
    For years I sat in humble awe on the chairlift, content to be carried to the tops of runs. Content to sip coffee and eat overpriced french fries in lodges with noisy tourists. At some point, all that chair-gazing awakened me to the perfect paradise just over the boundary ropes. Read more >>
  • Nordic

    Lone Mountain Ranch
    Melynda Harrison
    I’m kicking and gliding along the impeccably groomed Nordic trails at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky. Snow-laden trees line the edge of the trail, threatening to drop gobs of snow; North Fork Creek gurgles near the trail, verdant green moss peaking out from under the snow. Read more >>
    dog-joring, Sled Dogs, Montana
    Marcuzzo, Tony
    Skijoring with canines.
    Madshus Glitterhind BC Review
    Chris McCarthy
    I was in search of a backcountry ski package that would be as effective on groomers and packed snow as it would be cutting trail through fresh powder. Read more >>
    Harrison, Melynda
    Trail Grooming
    Harrison, Melynda
    Go to your bosom: Knock there, and ask your heart what it doth know. —William Shakespeare Read more >>
  • Backcountry

    Mt. Ellis, Bozeman, Backcountry Skiing
    Sam Haraldson
    Full-value vertical off Mount Ellis. 
    Arbor, Bryan Iguchi, Bozeman, World Boards
    Mike Harrelson
    What comes down must go up. 
    Bell Lake, early winter, snowfall
    Drew Pogge
    Winter's standard-bearer. 
    Bozeman, Ski Bums, Backcountry, Bridger Bowl
    the editors
    Four fanatics who make skiing a top priority. First chair. Last call. Whiteout. Bluebird. Fall line. Front-side. Backcountry. Read more >>
    Backcountry Yurt, Bell Lake, Montana
    Drew Pogge
    How to plan a hut trip. 
  • Ski Mountaineering

    Gallatin Peak, Spanish Peaks, Ski Mountaineering
    Simon Peterson
    Spring skiing in the Madison Range. 
    Ski Mountaineering, Southwest Montana
    Drew Pogge
    Spring ski mountaineering. 
    Johnson, Terry
    On a Friday morning in early February, 1971, George Claggett called up from Bozeman, just over the hill from where I lived in Ennis, to inform me that we were getting too fat from sitting behind our desks all winter and it was time to go on a trip. Read more >>
    Turiano, Thomas
    With its blocky shape, truncated summit, and unique color, Sphinx Mountain has drawn more people climbers to its summit than any other major peak in the Madison Range. Read more >>
    Pogge, Drew
    Three turns. That’s all we need. That’s the unwritten code of the early-season gully skier. To be honest, it’s not really much of a code—more of a goal. Read more >>
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