Snowshoeing, REI, Bozeman, Montana
the editors
Long coveted as a rustic-chic cabin-wall decoration, snowshoes are again gaining traction—ha—as a cheap and fun modern means of winter travel. And why not? Read more >>
sky shoeing, big mountain snowshoeing
Joe King
Sky-shoeing takes off.
MSR Evo Snowshoe Kit
Mike England
It may be getting brown in town, but the high country's still covered in white—so when you set out for an early-spring scramble up a steep mountainside, it pays to pack along some snowshoes. Read more >>
Bozeman, Winter, Outdoor Activities
Drew Hulse
Quick, affordable winter activities.
Lee Metcalf Wilderness, Snowshoeing, Winter
Adam Parkison
Improvising in the wilderness. 
Nordic Skiing, Snowshoeing, face-off
the editors
A battle for the ages.
snowshoe, winter, Montana, Outside Bozeman
John Clayton
The wide, wide world of snowshoeing.
Dave Reuss
Looking for a new venue for your favorite winter activity? Just head over the hill. Doesn’t matter what blows your hair back—once the snow comes down, you can find it in Paradise Valley. Read more >>
England, Mike
Snowshoes have come a long way since the old wooden tennis-racquets of yore, and the MSR Lightning Ascent is a prime example of modern technology done right. I used and abused these ultralight, super-sturdy shoes in all conditions and was unable to make them fail. Read more >>
McMahon, Amy
Last winter I tagged along on a snowshoe trip through MacDonald Pass near Helena as part of a recent Defenders of Wildlife effort to involve the public in its research and causes. Read more >>
England, Mike
Does your running routine screech to a stop once winter sets in? Do icy pavement and drab urban environs lack a certain romance, driving you to you opt for other activities—all the while ruing your diminishing fitness level and the re-entry pain you’ll feel come April? Read more >>
Becky Henning
Diving feet-first into the world of snowshoeing.
Ken Sinay
As if in a dream, I’m gliding down a snowfield, the silence caressed by the gentle sound of the powder snow moving beneath my feet. The slope is so steep that, in reality, I’m falling, but the pillow of snow on which I’m balanced, and the shear volume of snow, cushions all hazards. Read more >>
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