Scuba Diving

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Cordelia Pryor
Summertime's offbeat activities.
Montana River Snorkeling
Randall, Brianna
River snorkeling in southwest Montana.
Reuss, Dave
On the first dive, nothing feels right. You can’t float, or you float too much, and the plastic regulator in your mouth tastes like car tires. But by the third dive, you’re a goldfish. You find neutral buoyancy in a second, floating weightless and even, light as a ghost. Read more >>
Mike England
Love snorkeling and scuba-diving but can’t afford a week in the Caribbean? Think there’s nowhere to dive around here? Read more >>
Mike England
Scuba diving and Cajun cooking, Montana-style
Kent Orms
On any hot summer day when I was a teenager, all it took was a phone call:"Hello?""Firehole."Click. Read more >>
diving, scuba, winter,
Mike England
For a moment, a brief, dark, terrifying moment, I am trapped under ice. Read more >>
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