Ice Skating


Mike England
Snow-filled fun all winter long.
Canyon Ferry, Ice Skating
Mike England
Traversing terra incognita on skates. 
pond hockey, frozen lake, winter
Ann Vinciguerra
Outdoor skating in southwest Montana.
the editors
Livin’ on your edge.
creek skating, skater cross, Missouri River skating
the editors
Bringing folly back to outdoor recreation. 
Haynes Pavilion, Gallatin Ice Foundation, Bozeman Hockey
Tucker, David
Haynes Pavilion adds ice.
Gallatin Ice Foundation, Haynes Pavilion
Tucker, David
Demand for ice time in Bozeman is on the rise, and in response, a second skating rink is going in adjacent to the Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Read more >>
Cross country skiing, Bozeman winter activities,
Harrison, Melynda
Affordable winter pursuitsTo live in Bozeman, you have to love winter, and that means getting out in it. You could pay big bucks and hit the ski slopes, but there are cheaper ways to fall in love with winter too. Read more >>
Overton, Mitch
In Bozeman, many of us not only look forward to the arrival of Old Man Winter, we spend months preparing by saving money for passes and gear, mentally planning Ridge runs, scheduling work vacations, taping hockey sticks—and just plain getting giddy. Read more >>
Bean, Anya
With bone-jarring hits, lightning-fast skating, and even faster flying pucks, hockey is a game played with the aggression of scrapping pit bulls. Even with helmets and pads, players routinely limp back to their cars after the game, eager to nurse their wounds with ibuprofen and a stiff drink. Read more >>
nordic, winter, skating
Mitch Overton
Bozeman is a winter wonderland, and there are lots of opportunities in and around town to get out and enjoy it. With the help of Bozeman’s Parks and Rec Department, here are some fun activities at your local parks this winter.In-Town Nordic Trails Read more >>
Harrison, Melynda
In some places, staying inside during winter is standard procedure—but not in Bozeman. Snow, hail, whipping winds, or below-freezing temperatures? Bring it on! And just like us, our kids don’t let a little snow stop them from playing outside. Read more >>
Japhe, Brad
Fans of ice sports throughout southwest Montana were saddened when the Valley Ice Garden shut its doors to become a cold-storage warehouse. Thankfully, the Gallatin County Fairgrounds immediately provided partial remedy with its semi-enclosed Haynes Pavilion. Read more >>
Meghan Mazour
Ice-skating options around Bozeman.
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