Whether you ride your bike on the street to get around Bozeman, spin your wheels on a course to win a race, or cycle your way down the highway to see the sights of southwest Montana, you're likely to find some of the most bike-friendly roads around. 

Wurtz, Gary
The Hwy. 89 South Bike Path in Livingston will get a much-needed facelift this spring, part of a multi-phase project to eventually extend the trail all the way to Gardiner. Read more >>
Nickell, Joe
First comes runoff, flushing snow out of the mountains and forcing fisherfolk off the rivers. Read more >>
Loudermilk, Derek
Want to give road biking a try? Here are a few classic rides around Bozeman to get you pointed in the right direction.Triple Tree Lunchtime LoopMain Roads: Sourdough, Triple Tree, TayabeshockupDistance: 13 milesTime: 1 hour Read more >>
Loudermilk, Derek
At 9:55 on a spring Sunday morning, Rockford Coffee at the corner of Main and Rouse is about to see a flurry of activity. One after another, riders descend on the spot from all corners of town on an array of sleek racing bikes, each sporting snazzy blue team uniform. Read more >>
Western, Sally
Time to dig out the spandex and slop on sunscreen—southwest Montana has plenty of bike races lined up this summer. Read more >>
Logan, Cynthia
If you’re not riding in the Tour de France this summer (don’t snicker—last year, Bozeman’s Tejay van Garderen did), there’s still time to sign up for the fourth annual Tour de Bozeman, taking place Saturday and Sunday, July 7-8, where riders ages 18-70 compete for a $5,000 cash purse.  Read more >>
Hoovler, Sara
Yellowstone is a great and unique place to spin your wheels, especially in the fall. The traffic is light, the thermal areas are relatively free of crowds, the scenery is breathtaking, and the animals are in view. Read more >>
Smith, Greg
In Bozeman, truly remarkable landscapes are a fact of life. And, in my opinion, there is no better way to experience them than from the seat of a bike. Read more >>
Pogge, Drew
Roadies are disgusting. No, I'm not talking about the too-cool stoner hippies who follow crappy jam-bands around and eat a balanced diet of Hong Kong acid and organic granola. I'm talking about a far more foul, offensive, and degenerative social misfit: Cyclists. Read more >>
Lussier, Alex
The Gallatin Valley’s apparent cycling boom could be attributed to the Lance Armstrong frenzy or high gas prices, but most likely it is a combination of factors. In any case, Outside Bozeman readers are excited to see it happen. Read more >>
Ellen Sagmyr
A spring bike ride in Yellowstone Park.
Diskin, Larry
In these parts, most of us have a room full of camping gear and at least one bicycle. So chances are, you already have nearly everything it takes to give bicycle touring a try. That includes an ideal location—southwest Montana attracts bicycle tourists from around the globe. Read more >>
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