Hit the trails and dirt roads around Bozeman in the summer and fall and you're likely to find some prime singletrack on which to cruise your cross bike. With fatbikes, biking can even be a cold-weather sport. 

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Adam Sklar
Dirt-road rides for spring. If you’re itching to ride but can’t wait for the trails to dry, dirt roads are where it’s at. A gravel-grinder is the best option, but hardtails and short-travel mountain bikes work, too. Here are some routes to consider this spring. Read more >>
Bike Jousting, Haufbrau
Pogge, Drew
Winning honor (if not companionship).
Reuss, Dave
What happens when you mix a mountain bike, a monster truck, Barry White music, and a box of blush wine? You can find the answer rolling through downtown, at your favorite trailhead, or passing you at a local bike race. Read more >>
Pape, Jay
Isn’t it funny how things work? All summer long I dream of backcountry powder, but as soon as those long winter nights set in, I begin passing the time on a bike trainer and dreaming of future “gravel grinder” rides on my cross bike. Read more >>
Pape, Jay
When gas prices shot through the roof, I challenged myself to explore trail rides that were accessible from my front door. There are two benefits to this strategy. The first is that I get to spend more time riding and less time driving. Read more >>
England, Mike
Designed for cyclo-cross racing-that grueling combination of pavement, dirt trails, grass, steep hills, and obstacles requiring the rider to dismount and carry the bike-the Kona Jake is a perfect multipurpose Montana bike. Read more >>
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