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Ever wonder what kind of weirdos it takes to put together a magazine such as this? Now you know. Back row, left to right: Angie Mangels, art director; Mike England, editor; Drew Pogge, contributing editor; David Howlett, account rep; Melissa Doar, production assistant; Joyce Pollastro, account rep; Chris McCarthy, sales manager. Front row, left to right: Simon Peterson, photo editor; Stevie Croisant, marketing coordinator; David Tucker, managing editor; Ashley Cosgriff, digital sales. Not shown: Terri Sipes, accountant; Danielle McCarthy, distribution coordinator.

Maybe it started with a hike up Sypes Canyon at dusk, when the clouds seemed to converge over the Tobacco Roots, as if to float just a little longe Read more >>
OUR PRIVACY POLICYYour privacy is important to us. We protect your personal information, using it only for reasons you agree to, and never revealing it to anyone outside our organization without your consent. Read more >>
Here's an abbreviated list of O/B's distribution locations around southwest Montana. You're likely to find our latest issue on a rack in or around these local businesses (unless, of course, the demand outweighs our distributor's ambitions). Read more >>
  • O/B Staff

    Designer and Illustrator Angie Mangels left the potato fields of northwest Montana behind to pursue a career in art and skiing. Finding the mountains around Bozeman to be a perfect fit, she put down roots and started exploring the area by feet, on skis, and by bike. Read more >>
    Described by a recent intern as "abrasive, egotistical, and borderline psychotic," editor and publisher Mike England firmly believes in the power of negative reinforcement. Read more >>
    A Bozemanite born and bred, Taylor spends his free time exploring the mountains with his dog Beni. As a young and perpetually hungry guy, he can often be found daydreaming about massive elk, fat huckleberries, rich mushrooms, and Clif Bars. Read more >>
    Following the mass migration from California and Colorado to Bozeman, Luke moved to Montana from Denver to pursue an English degree at Montana State, where he is a full-time student. Read more >>
    Not all who wander are lost; however, some truly are! Although he told his family that he moved here to attend MSU, we all know photo editor Simon Peterson moved here to chase the steep and deep. Read more >>
  • Contributors

    Braggadocical faux-authenticist David Schroeder grapples with the paradoxicalistic synergisms confronting born-again carnivores with vegan sensibilities. Read more >>
    Holden Sieler is a writer who grew up in Paradise Valley. His essays have earned prizes in national writing contests, but his crowning achievement reamins a chalk bag won in a bouldering competition when he was 13. Read more >>
    Kyle Rothweiler
    Kyle Rothweiler is an infamous cartoonist of the old school; an unregenerate, un-p.c. admirer of Rube Goldberg, Al Capp, and Walt Kelly; and a strange mutant from another time and/or dimension. Read more >>
    Ken Sinay
    Ken Sinay is the director of Yellowstone Safari Company and has been guiding wildlife watchers, backpackers, llama trekkers, river safaris, history buffs, and hunters in Montana for over 20 years. Read more >>
    Joe Irons
    Joe Irons has lived in southwest Montana for 20 of his 35 years. Traveling the world makes him appreciate what we have here, and as far as he can tell, there’s no better place. Read more >>
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