KESTREL Sportsman

As optics improve and long-range shooting gains popularity, the need for reliable technological assistance rises, too. Which is where the Kestrel Sportsman comes in. This pocket-sized weather meter and ballistics calculator gives you elevation and windage adjustments with the push of a button, out to 1,000 yards and beyond. Simply enter your rifle and ammo particulars (caliber, rifle twist, muzzle velocity, bullet grains, zero distance, etc.), hold the thing up for a quick weather reading, and voila: all your holds are right there. For the average hunter, the device’s three-gun capacity will suffice; more serious shooters can use the free smartphone app for speedy swap-outs, or purchase a firmware upgrade for another 13 guns. Apart from long-range shooting, the Sportsman stands alone as a weather meter, offering insight into incoming storm systems and other environmental conditions. All in all, a very cool and versatile outdoor tool. $420-$560, depending on options;