Crazy Days

Summertime's offbeat activities.

When the long Montana spring finally gives way to summer, it feels like there’s so much to do and so little time to do it. Our exuberance drags us into a whirlwind of adventure: summit that peak, ride that trail, go farther, live harder, don’t slow down. But indulging every whim and exploring every possibility means venturing off the well-beaten recreational path. In the summer, we have the most opportunity to explore the uncommon, the odd-ball, even the downright wacky.

Ski towns and surf towns have a lot in common, and it’s not just the propensity to skip a shower. Come summer, all those laid-back ski bums—many of them surfers at heart—start looking around for something that approximates their preferred winter pastime. Enter river-surfing, the latest niche sport to appear on the outdoor scene.


Terror aside, the mystery deep down draws cavers in time and again. And while caving can involve tight squeezes, pitch darkness, creepy-crawlers, and claustrophobia, hungry heliophobes also experience a variety of geological wonders: stalactites, flowstone, gypsum crystals, cave bacon, and colorful travertine columns.


Snorkeling & Diving
While most water recreation in Montana is done on the surface, there’s an entire aquatic world to be discovered below—and you’ll likely have it all to yourself. Shallow lakes and slow rivers make for comfortable swimming in the summer, but for anything else, slip on a suit.


Tiring of terra firma? With a little instruction and training, you too can conquer the skies. On any breezy day in the Bozone, look toward the M for adrenaline-fueled aeronauts soaring high above. Though once on the fanatic fringe, paragliding now sees participation from all types.

paragliding unique summer activities Montana

Most are satisfied with the challenge of maneuvering on two wheels, but some seek their thrills on a unicycle. Cruising the pavement is hard enough, but tackling rocks, roots, and steep descents? Only the hardy and persistent few need apply.


Carp Fishing
Though famous for trout, our local waters have much more to offer. If you want to bag something big and fighty, look to the murky, muddy unknown and conquer the golden beast.



Landlocked as we might be, there’s still plenty of water—and even more wind—to fill your summer sails. Whether by boat, board, or kite, there’s a whole community of righteous scalawags harnessing the elements and seeking thrills out among the waves.