It Came Upon the Midnight Beer

It Came Upon the Midnight Beer

Stoll, Kelly
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It’s that time of year again where we all put on insane amounts of clothing just to get the mail and wake up an hour early to start the car. Just call in sick and have a beer. Here’s the staff's quarterly list of favorite winter brews.

Uncle Funkle Dunkel
Madison River Brewing Company
Belgrade, MT

Unkle Funkle Dunkel? Oh well, nothing says Christmas like a creepy uncle, and the beer's pretty good too. Thanks to Matt Merry, who won the Madison River Brewing homebrew contest back in April, this wacky-named brew is now available to all. Unbelievably hard to pronounce after five pints.

2° Below Ale
New Belgium Brewing
Fort Collins, CO

The Coloradoans who make this beer are clearly wusses considering Montana winters are closer to 25° below zero, but the beer is still worth trying. The brewers lower the temperature of this brew to nearly freezing, giving it an extra clean, crisp finish.

Bitter Root Brewing
Hamilton, MT

Pour a bottle of this brew into a glass and you’ll swear it’s coffee, which makes it a fabulous candidate for drinking at church or in the office. (Who's gonna know?) This English-style porter is very dark with a smoky malt flavor.

Cold Smoke Scotch Ale
Kettlehouse Brewing Company
Missoula, MT

Not only does the crew at Kettlehouse brew up Bongwater ales, they also produce Cold Smoke Scotch Ale, which is one of their best. This brew stays true to its name with its smoky finish and can be found on tap or in a can. Temptation to speak with Scottish accent while drinking: high.

Toad Back Boch
Neptune’s Brewery
Livingston, MT

Try drinking a couple pints of this brew and then say "Toad Back Boch 10 Uncle Funkle Dunkel" 10 times in a row—damn near impossible. Drink a couple growlers of it and you won’t even remember your own name. Neptune’s brewery definitely brewed a winner in this boch—it’s malty, medium dark, and delicious.

Plum Street Porter
Bozeman Brewing Company
Bozeman, MT

What list would be complete without a beer brewed right here in our hometown? This brew has winter written all over it. Its deep rich color and classic porter taste make it a great brew to drink on those oh-so-cold Montana nights.

Powder Hound Winter Ale
Big Sky Brewing Company
Missoula, MT

Referred to by Big Sky Brewing as a "Northern Rockies strong ale," Powder Hound is a brew with an even combination of hoppiness and maltiness. Good for people who don't need any more surprises today.

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