• Spring 2020

    simulation, trail running, interactive running simulation
    Joe King
    Simulated trail running takes stride.
    bison ranching, conservation, advocacy
    Anthony Pavkovich
    From veteran environmental advocate to greenhorn bison rancher.  Read more >>
    birds, waterfowl, migration
    Carol Polich
    The Freezeout Lake waterfowl migration. 
    dogs, dog training, Svalinn
    Mike England
    Building a better outdoor companion. 
    paragliding, bozeman
    Drew Pogge
    Dealing with the changing face of Bozeman.“Wisdom begins in wonder.” —SocratesI recently saw a bumper sticker that read “Make Bozeman Montana Again,” and I laughed. Bozeman will never be Montana again, I thought. And my bare cynicism was upsetting. Read more >>
  • Winter 2019-20

    pets, pet safety, winter, frostbite, dog, poisoning
    Dr. Julie Oghigian
    And avoiding other winter hazards.
    ice climbing, accident, mishap, safety
    Tanner Jackson
    A first date to forget.
    nordic skiing, tips
    Andrew Morehouse
    Tips to enhance your Nordic season.
    tootles, ski tour,
    Ann H. Vinciguerra
    The joys of a long, mellow ski tour. Read more >>
    skiing, skiing tips
    Karin Kirk
    Tips for winter stoke.Are you new to town? Welcome to Bozeman! We have a long and storied ski culture, and while you may hail from Colorado or Utah or upstate New York, we do things a little differently here. Here are some tips for fitting in. Read more >>
  • Fall 2019

    Ross Peak, Bridger Mountains, Bozeman, Montana
    the editors
    A photographic study of Ross Peak. It’s not the highest point in the Bridgers. It barely falls within the range’s ten-tallest summits. But for whatever reason, we’re drawn to Ross Peak. Read more >>
    Montana State School Trust Lands, Hunting, PLWA
    Gaining access to school-trust lands. 
    Wild Montana, Donald M. Jones, Wildlife, animals, photography
    Cordelia Pryor
    Often, the highlights of a trip to Yellowstone or a weekend spent in the wilderness are encounters with the four-legged or winged compatriots we see along the way. Read more >>
    Banana Creme Pie, pastry, caramel sauce, Autumn recipe
    Meg Romano
    Making banana cream pie. 
    Review: Salewa Ortles Hybrid Tirolwool Celliant
    Melissa Doar
    The Salewa Ortles Hybrid Tirolwool Celliant women’s jacket is designed for warmth, breathabil Read more >>
  • Summer 2019

    camping, road trip, biking
    David Tucker
    Adding style to a summer road-trip. 
    Review: Gregory Swift 20 H20
    Danielle McCarthy
    Gregory’s Swift 20 H2O women’s daypack includes a three-liter water bladder that fits in a s Read more >>
    Fly Fishing, Bozeman, Montana
    Dan Ventura
    Confessions of a fly fisherman.  Forgive me Father Maclean, for I have sinned.  Read more >>
    literature, books
    Cordelia Pryor
    Published out of northwest Montana, the Whitefish Review  Read more >>
    art, painting, poetry
    HG Moser
  • Spring 2019

    Review: Camp Chef Rainier
    Angie Mangels
    With the compact and efficient Rainier two-burner stove from Camp Chef, a hot beverage on a chilly morning i Read more >>
    Urban Kitchen, Bozeman, Montana
    Joseph Romano
    Charcoal-grilled ribeye with fire-roasted veggies. 
    Hebgen Lake, Lake Fishing, Alpine Fishing, Fishing in Montana
    Jimmy Lewis
    This spring, skip runoff. 
    Bozeman, Diets Fad
    Emely Lambert
    Food fads debunked. 
    Leave No Trace, Bozeman, Montana
    Anthony Pavkovich
    A leave-no-trace refresher. 
  • Winter 2018-19

    Round Trip Book Review
    Thomas Elpel
    What if you were pursued through the mountains by killers and tracked by dogs? Could you outrun them? Could you outwit them? Could you turn and defeat them? Many a young man has had the flight of fancy of an extreme survival adventure. Read more >>
    Review: Dakine Ranger 60L
    David Tucker
    Before hitting the road for a powder-chasing road-trip, grab a Ranger 60L duffle from Dakine. Read more >>
    Woody Ridge, Cooke City, Backcountry Skiing
    Traute Parrie
    Shared joy in the face of risk. 
    Review: Pearl Izumi Versa
    Wangmo Tenzing
    The Pearl iZUMi Versa Quilted Hoodie is
    Two Top Mountain, Snowmobiling, West Yellowstone, Montana
    Carol Polich
    Exploring a haunted winter wonderland. 
  • Fall 2018

    Joe King
    Catch-and-release hunting takes off. No guns. No bows. No spears, knives, or clubs. This is hunting at its most primeval, pitting man against beast without the aid of technology. No weapons are allowed—it’s hand versus hoof, head versus horn. Read more >>
    MAG, Gallatin Canyon, Rock Climbing, Bozeman
    Sam Magro
    Autumn climbing in Montana. 
    Review: Stio Second Light
    Joyce Pollastro
    After a long hike, when I reach an alpine ridge, the sweat stops and the cooling begins. Read more >>
    Avalanche Education, Early-Season, Bozeman, Montana
    Drew Pogge
    Early-season avalanche safety. 
    Master Hunter, One Montana, Common Ground
    Courtney Miranda
    One Montana launches Master Hunter program. 
  • Summer 2018

    DZone Skydiving, Three Forks Skydiving
    David Howlett
    Freefalling with DZone Skydiving. 
    Aku Alterra GTX, Hiking, Bozeman, Montana
    Austin Jenanyan
    The Alterra GTX hiking boots are durable
    Ground Turkey Kebabs, Bozeman, Grilling
    Simon Peterson
    Wild-turkey kebabs.  
    Pearl Izumi X-Alp Elevate, Mountain Biking, Bozeman, Montana
    David Tucker
    On big backcountry rides, performance is king.
    Mount Cowen, Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness, Trail Running, Montana
    Anthony Pavkovich
    Scrambling up the crown of the Absarokas. 
  • Spring 2018

    Biking, Yellowstone National Park, West Yellowstone
    Mike England
    A weekend at Montana’s outdoor multiplex.  
    Mike Fiebig
    50 Years of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.  Read more >>
    Vanlife, Montana, Sprinter Van
    Joe King
    If millennials have shown the world anything, it’s that people in their 20s really do have it all figured out. One example of this unprecedented generational wisdom is the phenomenon of #vanlife. Read more >>
    Gallatin River, Bozeman, Whitewater, Kayaking
    Drew Hulse
    One newcomer’s account of Bozeman-area whitewater. 
    Missouri River, Tailwaters, Spring Fishing, Montana
    Jimmy Lewis
    Where to fish this spring. 
  • Winter 2017-18

    Lezyne Port-a-Shop Pro Review
    Angie Mangels
    It felt like Christmas came early when I opened Lezyne’s well-designed Read more >>
    avalanche, accidents, Bozeman
    Drew Hulse
    Montana’s backcountry is a dreamland for skiers, snowmobilers, and ice-climbers, but sometimes, things go south. Read more >>
    the editors
    To resist gateway lingo. 
    Mt. Ellis, Bozeman, Backcountry Skiing
    Sam Haraldson
    Full-value vertical off Mount Ellis. 
    Jeff Brandner
    How one Bozemaniac stepped outside his comfort zone and found more.  Read more >>
  • Fall 2017

    Medical Marijuana, Montana, Greener Pastures
    Jeff Crost
    Stories of medical marijuana users.  
    mountain bike, biking, bike light, gear
    Mike England
    As darkness comes sooner to southwest Montana, but temps remain (relatively) warm, a bike light becomes an essential item—for everything from in-town commuting to post-work Read more >>
    We Care Chiropractic, Bozeman
    Dr. Spence Jahner
    Tips for spinal comfort. 
    Ted Kerasote, Three Long Seconds, Outside Bozeman
    Ted Kerasote
    The human mind can process an astounding amount of information in a few short moments, especially when life and death hang in the balance.  Read more >>
    Backcountry Yurt, Bell Lake, Montana
    Drew Pogge
    How to plan a hut trip. 
  • Summer 2017

    Cougar-collars, Bozeman, cougars
    Joe King
    Cougar collars save lives. 
    Mount Blackmore, Hyalite
    Joyce Pollastro
    Naming Mount Blackmore. At 10,154 feet, Mount Blackmore looms high above Bozeman on the southern horizon. Anyone who has lived in town for more than a few weeks can point to the peak, but few know how the mountain got its name. Read more >>
    Sassa GTX Women's Mid Lowa, Sassa, Lowa, women's boot
    Brandy Burke
    For women with ankle instability, the Lowa Sassa GTX Mid trekking boot is what you need. Read more >>
    chest pack, fishing chest rig, Outside Bozeman
    Mike England
    Once an essential apparatus, the fly-fishing vest no longer holds hegemony, thanks in large part to innovations like the FHF Gear Fishing Chest Rig. Read more >>
    Potosi Hot Springs, Montana hot springs, Outside Bozeman
    Sarah Sinclair
    From a walk in the woods to a walk down the aisle.  Read more >>
  • Spring 2017

    Ski Mountaineering, Southwest Montana
    Drew Pogge
    Spring ski mountaineering. 
    Excel Physical Therapy, Running Myths
    Megan Peach
    Popular running myths debunked. 
    Kayak Technique, Spring Kayaking
    Brian Fletcher
    Improving your paddling technique. 
    Wild-Mushroom Risotto
    Simon Peterson
    Or wild-mushroom risotto, 'round these parts.  
    Spring Trail Running, The Ridge Run, Devil's Backbone
    Zach Altman
    Training for summer trail races. 
  • Winter 2016-17

    Cooke City, Backcountry Skiing, Snowmobiling
    Phil Knight
    Winter fun in Cooke City and Silver Gate.  Read more >>
    Lost Remedy CBD Cream
    Karen Sheady
    It does the body good. 
    Dakine Beretta Jacket
    Mio Alt
    Charging burly lines demands burly apparel, and the Berreta line from Dakine offers just that. Read more >>
    Grand Targhee Resort, Wydaho, Bozeman
    David Tucker
    A Grand Targhee road-trip. 
    Skin Track How-to, Backcountry Touring, Montana
    Drew Pogge
    Strategy in the skintrack. 
  • Fall 2016

    Bike Jousting, Haufbrau
    Drew Pogge
    Winning honor (if not companionship). 
    Montana Wackos, Bozeman Characters
    the editors
    A field guide.
    Neofeudal Montana, Lewis and Clark Canoe Trail
    Thomas Elpel
    A land and people being conquered by money. Read more >>
    Toward a Natural Forest, Custer Gallatin National Forest
    Tucker, David
    Over time, people change, and after reading Toward a Natural Forest (Oregon State University Press, $20), it’s clear governme Read more >>
    The Sasquatch fly, Fly Fishing Montana, Yellow Dog Flyfishing
    Doug Mcknight
    Tying and fishing the Sasquatch.
  • Summer 2016

    Motorcycle Fishing, Tobacco Roots Mountains, Montana
    Drew Pogge
    Backcountry fishing by motorbike. 
    Montana Mountain Bike Alliance, Custer Gallatin Forest Plan Revision
    the editors
    The dirt on mountain-bike access.
    Dakine slayer elbow pad
    Tucker, David
    Rocks are hard and bikes go fast, so in order to protect my boney knees and elbows, I got a set of Slayer Pads from Dakine. Now when I’m bombing down from Mystic Lake, I don’t have to worry as much about careering off the Wall of Death. Read more >>
    Bozeman Paragliding
    Mike England
    A lesson with Bozeman Paragliding.
    Emigrant Peak
    Thomas Turiano
    Profiling Emigrant.
  • Spring 2016

    Montana Creekboating, West Fork Gallatin
    David Schroeder
    Creekboating in southwest Montana. 
    LOWA Innox GTX Mid, Montana Backpacking
    England, Mike
    Gone are the days of weighty, oversized hiking boots—those eight-pound clodhoppers that made the ankles invincible but limited one’s pace to a slow, steady walk. Read more >>
    Mt. Helena Ridge, Mountain Biking Helena
    Leslie Kehmeier
    Early-season biking in Helena.
    Montana Backpacking, Thermarest EvoLite
    Tucker, David
    Let’s get one thing straight: sleeping on the ground sucks. But it sucks by degrees. Read more >>
    the editors
    At its most basic level, fishing requires a line, a hook, and a lure, three items attainable for under five bucks. How, then, has the industry grown into a billion-dollar one, and how, then, did anglers spend over $900,000,000 in Montana alone in 2014? Let’s take a closer look at the numbers. Read more >>
  • Winter 2015-16

    Bridger Bowl, Chairlift Conversation
    Pogge, Drew
    A case for conversation.Nothing so needs reforming as other people's habits. —Mark Twain Read more >>
    Gerber Freescape
    Tucker, David
    Nothing is more essential than a good knife. It’s the ultimate tool and when you buy one, you can never imagine when and where you’ll need it. The applications are endless, and this winter, I’m using a Freescape folding knife from Gerber. Read more >>
    Alpen Optics Teton 10x42
    Acosta, Jeff
    I recently had a chance to try out the Alpen Teton 10x42 ED HD (extra-low dispersion, high-definition) and I have to say, I’m extremely impressed with both the feel and function of these binoculars. Read more >>
    "The Ultimate Winter Survival Handbook," by Tim MacWelch
    the editors
    A winter reading list. 
    Big Sky Snowmobiling
    Drews, Debbie
    Recreating beyond the resort.
  • Fall 2015

    the editors
    Fall edition. I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book. ―Groucho Marx Read more >>
    Spanish Peaks, Montana Trail Running
    Adam Parkison
    A notable Spanish Peaks traverse.
    French'y Fall Fathead, Fall Fly, Gallatin River Guides
    Jimmy Armijo-Grover
    Tying the Frenchy's Fall Fathead. 
    CDT, West Yellowstone, Mountain Biking
    Kelli Sanders
    Biking the CDT.
    Stowaway SwingAway Hitch Carrier
    Mike England
    Ready your rig for a Montana safari.
  • Summer 2015

    Granite Creek Range, Tobacco Roots Mountains, Montana Hunting
    Mike England
    Repentance and redemption at the Granite Creek Range. Read more >>
    Pristine Ventures PR 49, packrafting, packrafting Montana
    Chris McCarthy
    The idea of packrafting a river deep in the wilderness is exciting. Doing so with a couple hundred pounds of fresh elk meat—now that’s an adventure. The PR-49 from Pristine Ventures makes this type of epic Montana outing possible. Read more >>
    Illustration by Blaise Arsenault
    Clayton Elliott
    In the ongoing land-transfer struggle, a few folks stand out—on both sides of the battlefield. Here’s a recap of admirable acts and shameful shenanigans for the 2015 legislative session. Read more >>
    the editors
    Categorizing conifers.Think all conifers are pretty much the same? Think again. Next time you’re in the woods, use these simple ID-techniques to better understand your environment.  Read more >>
    Bill Wood, Granite Creek Range
    England, Mike
    Tips from a champ.Former World Championship silver-medalist Bill Wood teaches long-range shooting techniques at Granite Creek Range near Virginia City. Here are Bill’s top tips for shooting well—both at the range and in the field. Read more >>
  • Spring 2015

    dogs, pets in montana, bozeman dog parks, pet manners, outside bozeman
    Mike England
    How to be a good dog-owner. 
    Carving, skiing Montana, Spring Outside Bozeman 2015
    Mike England
    To stretch the ski season even further—and enjoy an inimitable skiing experience “at the top of the world”—fill up the tank and head east to the Beartooth Pass. Read more >>
    fly-fishing, spring, Outside Bozeman, Montana, Kevin Howdeshell
    Holden Sieler
    Rethinking the Zen of fly. 
    Golden eagles, Montana conservation, Outside Bozeman
    Lisa Baril
    Renowned wildlife biologist Al Harmata.
    Spring migration, birding in Montana, Outside Bozeman
    Lea Brayton
    Bird migration in southwest Montana. 
  • Winter 2014-15

    Montana, Skiing, Outside Bozeman
    Drew Pogge
    Only the experience matters. 
    Spanish Peaks, Avalanche, Beehive Basin
    Kala Jauquet
    A close call in the Spanish Peaks. 
    Gallatin Ice Foundation, Haynes Pavilion
    Tucker, David
    Demand for ice time in Bozeman is on the rise, and in response, a second skating rink is going in adjacent to the Haynes Pavilion at the Gallatin County Fairgrounds. Read more >>
    Bridger Biathlon Club
    Hamilton, Felicia
    Some combos just seem right—peanut butter and jelly, Jack and Coke, and now in Bozeman, skiing and shooting. This season at Bohart Ranch, thanks to the efforts of the Bridger Biathlon Club (BBC), Bohart pass holders will be able to test their mettle at an all-new Olympic-caliber shooting range. Read more >>
    Bozeman Olympics
    Pogge, Drew
    During the nationalistic fervor of the Sochi Winter Olympic Games last winter, word on the street was a that formal bid to bring the 2026 Winter Games to Bozeman was underway. Read more >>
  • Fall 2014

    Yellowstone, Montana, National Parks
    Morgan Solomon
    Delve deep into Yellowstone’s wild with David Peterson’s stunning photo book, Yellowstone: Near, Far & Wild (Farcountry Press, $20). Read more >>
    Bow hunting, Bozeman, Montana, rollerblading
    Joe King
    Hunting the urban interface.
    Shafthouse Trail, Bridger Range
    Solomon, Morgan
    In the fall, bikers share the woods with hunters—here are some tips to play nice and be safe. Read more >>
    Backcountry skiing, fall skiing, Bozeman, Montana
    Drew Pogge
    Preparing for a deep ski season. 
    Bozeman Creek High School Mandeville Creek Enhancements
    Certo, Johnny
    The section of Mandeville Creek from Montana State University to Bozeman High School (BHS) has been neglected like a misunderstood stepchild for years—but that’s about to change. Read more >>
  • Summer 2014

    Stone Creek
    Ben Donatelle
    Mountain biking Stone Creek.
    Grass-Fed Beef
    Barnett, Elizabeth
    The skinny on grass-fed beef
    Knight, Phil
    Canoe camping made easy
    Harrison, Melynda
    Livingston's in-town trails
    Surrender, fishing in Montana, perfect cast, fly fishing
    Carl Beideman
    Patience may just lead to perfection.When I first observed spey casting, it looked like a man waving in surrender, or perhaps a horsetail swatting flies off its ass. There is nothing graceful about either image. Read more >>
  • Spring 2014

    Emily Harris
    Spring camping in the Park. 
    Bike Fitting, Excel Physical Therapy
    Jason Lunden
    Fit your bike to avoid injury.
    Photo by Meg Sommers
    DeWeese, Chelsea
    Photographing Yellowstone’s shoulder season. 
    Lewis & Clark Caverns, Spring Mountain Biking, Montana
    Dave Dolph
    Biking Lewis & Clark Caverns. 
    Photo by Chuck Bartlebaugh
    Maggie Slepian
    How to stay safe. 
  • Winter 2013-14

    Marjorie Smith
    Remembering the early days at Bridger Bowl. 
    Josephson, Joe
    A look at an ice-climbing Mecca.
    David Galliard
    Bozeman's backyard beast, the lynx.
    Reuss, Dave
    If there’s one thing that will forever remain recession-proof, it’s beer. Read more >>
  • Fall 2013

    Tom Reed
    Alive, the grizzly is a symbol of freedom and understanding—a sign that man can learn to conserve what is left of the earth. Extinct, it will be another fading testimony to things man should have learned more about but was too preoccupied with himself to notice. Read more >>
    Dr. Alex Legrand
    For many of us Bozemanites, the first snow of the year is a tease, an alluring look ahead to the oncoming season. We daydream about the incredible powder days, and gnarly runs that we weren't quite ready to tackle last year, but feel this year might be the one. Read more >>
    Krueger, Ryan
    It starts up in the trees: a frail rustling through the leaves brought on by a cold, bracing breeze. Sweeping down through the ground there is a change of hue—an array of a colorful display. Read more >>
    Gustafson, Sid
    The lovebird is a captured and marginalized African parrot that forever yearns to form a strong and monogamous pair bond with another of her feather, preferring to roost side-by-side for peaceful spells in the unbounded nascent smells of Mother Earth. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    There’s something undeniably mythical about chasing large fish—precious few anglers escape that eventual, insatiable hunger for a lunker on the end of their line. Read more >>
  • Summer 2013

    McCarthy, Chris
    Have you ever enjoyed a Dutch-oven dinner and wanted to learn to cook one yourself? Well, Carsten Bothe’s Dutch Oven: Cast-Iron Cooking Over an Open Fire (Schiffer Publishing, $30) is the perfect cookbook to get you started. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    Google Earth is awesome, no doubt, and that fancy GPS of yours is not to be scoffed at—but there’s nothing quite like unfurling a map on the kitchen table and letting a world of adventure appear before you. Read more >>
    O'Neal, Meghan
    Yellowstone Yesterday and Today (Golden Valley Press, $45) provides a captivating photographic history of Yellowstone Park. Photographer Paul Horsted recreates historic photographs of Yellowstone, illustrating how the Park has developed over the years. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    “Multimedia” is a bland and nebulous term, and therefore fails to capture the elegant and symbiotic blend of song and imagery that is Mike Haring’s new DVD, Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem (self-produced, $20). Read more >>
    Rolfe, John
    Wrapping a trout in tin foil might be nice when you’re out camping, but when you bring your catch home, try something a little more exciting. Read more >>
  • Spring 2013

    Derek Loudermilk
    Want to give road biking a try? Here are a few classic rides around Bozeman to get you pointed in the right direction.  Read more >>
    Spring Detox
    Dr. Walters, Lou
    Health tips for the season.
    Paul Bloch
    The Yellowstone is a great place to fish streamers. Often, we’ll be running #4 sculpins or baitfish patterns sporting heavy lead eyes in front of a sopping wet bunny strip. This is often very effective for big brown trout, yet it cannonballs the water, spooking shallow water predators. Read more >>
    Reuss, Dave
    Cocky nine-point elk sitting yards from the trail, parades of bison clogging the roads, playful coyotes mousing on the crusted snow: the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone Park was teeming with wildlife—and we got pictures of all of it. Read more >>
    Krueger, Ryan
    Drunken spring: soaked and flooded with life. Sore from a long nap under a thick blanket, the natural world reaches out anxiously to breathe a long, slow breath. Just as it is on the side of Slough Creek in Yellowstone, change is evident in any valley, meadow, or mountain. Read more >>
  • Winter 2012-13

    Lone Mountain Ranch
    Melynda Harrison
    I’m kicking and gliding along the impeccably groomed Nordic trails at Lone Mountain Ranch in Big Sky. Snow-laden trees line the edge of the trail, threatening to drop gobs of snow; North Fork Creek gurgles near the trail, verdant green moss peaking out from under the snow. Read more >>
    Ryan Krueger
    Mountains have a way of dealing with overconfidence. –Hermann Buhl  Read more >>
    Nostrant, Chloe
    Dean Sauskojus’s Yellowstone: The Ultimate Photo Guide to Yellowstone National Park (self-published, $15) is a great companion for any photographer venturing into Yellowstone. Read more >>
  • Fall 2012

    Drew Pogge
    For most of us Montana men, it simply happens. It might be a Tuesday, around mid-October. We stand shirtless at the sink with a razor in one hand, and look at ourselves in the mirror. Read more >>
    Jimmy Armijo
    When fall returns, so do the hatches of Blue Winged Olives (BWO). As with most fly patterns, this BWO cripple is an adaptation of many proven patterns—and possibly something I unknowingly borrowed from another fly tyer. Read more >>
    Chuck Johnson
    In 1985, Montana formally created Block Management Areas (BMAs), which provide free access to private lands across the state for hunting big game, upland birds, and waterfowl. Read more >>
    Mike England
    Oh Dawn, bringer of light,With eternal vision deliver us from night.And color the world, not black nor white,But ambiguous grey, a beautiful sight! Read more >>
    Jelinski, Jack
    I love to touch wood that’s beaver-skinnedand worn to glass by flowing water. There are willow saplings that startle.Bent low by winter snow loadbut still rooted to the bankthey get pulled downstream by the current Read more >>
  • Summer 2012

    Cunningham, Terry
    In 2011, the City of Bozeman dedicated its fifth and sixth recreational climbing boulders, which makes six more than virtually every other city in America. Read more >>
    Reuss, Dave
    "I believe that there is a subtle magnetism in Nature, which, if we unconsciously yield to it, will direct us aright." –Henry David Thoreau Read more >>
    Beaudoin, Kate
    Hootin’ and hollerin’ aside, rodeos are some of the best events of the summer. Check out traditional bull riding and calf roping, or see what wild cow riding and mutton busting are all about. Read more >>
    Briggitte Tuller
    In Montana, attacks on runners and hikers are rare, and most women are assaulted by men they know in places they consider safe—but statistics are no consolation. Read more >>
    Haymans, Michael P.
    Brooking no limit on the sex or size of their funThrowing themselves and money into the Big SkyThe seasonal hatch awakens a feeding frenzy.Only remembering bits and snatches of placesCommended itineraries blurred by market imaginations Read more >>
  • Spring 2012

    Kurt Dehmer
    Wild turkeys, not unlike the namesake whiskey, can bring an otherwise sane person to the heights of elation, the depths of depression, or the brink of madness. Read more >>
    Melynda Harrison
    Student stories from Mount Ellis Academy.
    Jackie Rainford Corcoran
    With ski season on the horizon, it’s time to get those ski/snowboard/nordic legs ready—try these exercises to improve your cardio strength, stamina, agility, and balance before the snow flies. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Read more >>
    By mid-March, most Bozeman residents have had just about enough of cold weather. The days are getting longer, and it’s finally time to head outdoors for a little sunshine. Sadly, our outdoor-rec reach tends to exceed our grasp. All too often, bikers are sent back to the car by muddy, snow-clogged... Read more >>
    Western, Sally
    Looking to get in on the wolf-watching action around Yellowstone Park? Here are some resources to get you started. Yellowstone Safari Company Read more >>
  • Winter 2011-12

    Tapley, Peter
    Once the domain of hardened alpinists, ice climbing has come a long way in its evolution and now anyone (thanks largely to modern equipment and Gallatin County snowplows) can enjoy a sense of adventure, complete with warming afternoon sun and hot cocoa between rounds on the vertical. Read more >>
    the Editors
    You might not believe it, but there will come a day when you don’t want to go skiing this winter. Either your quads will be too blasted or the thermometer won’t crawl above zero, but you’ll spend one day entirely in your sweatpants, promise. Read more >>
    Bentley, Jay
    Between Yellowstone Park in the south, Ted Turner in the middle, the National Bison refuge at Moiese in the northwest, and all of the smaller bison-ranching operations in between, Montana has become a virtual bison factory. Read more >>
    Reuss, Dave
    The economy is still in the toilet, so a quiver of ice tools just isn’t an option for most ice junkies. Read more >>
    Dehmer, Kurt
    For the average outdoor enthusiast, winter can be a difficult time to squeeze in a fun-filled overnight or multiday adventure without freezing your buns off or breaking the family budget. Read more >>
  • Fall 2011

    Kris Kumlien
    When I think of fishing in the fall, I think of one thing: streamers. There’s something almost romantic to a streamer addict about fall, with the leaves turning colors and fish getting aggressive as the brown trout begin their courtship. Read more >>
    Joe King
    In the second century BC, Roman invaders of present-day France made great fun of their enemy’s attire—they considered the Gauls’ long trousers intolerably effeminate, compared to their cool and manly tunics. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    It may be hard for homegrown Montanans to imagine an urbane French nobleman in the field chasing game, but author Guy de la Valdène makes it clear, in his memoir The Fragrance of Grass (Lyons Press, $25), that a love of hunting and the natural world transcends c Read more >>
    Warren, Becky
    Although any season is a good season for a local brew, fall is perhaps the best. Oktoberfest-style beers typically have higher alcohol content, but these days the name refers to almost any beer of the fall season. Read more >>
    Reuss, Dave
    "Jack of all trades, master of none,Though oftentimes better than master of one."  Read more >>
  • Summer 2011

    Mike England
    Because Montana doesn't come free."Enthusiasm releases the drive to carry you over obstacles and adds significance to all you do." –Norman Vincent Peale Read more >>
    Mike England
    Whitewater canoeing in southwest Montana.
    Jerry Kessler
    A high-alpine misadventure.
    Mike England
    If exploring the unknown on foot holds any appeal, open up Peakbagging Montana (Riverbend Publishing, $15) and prepare for a long summer—and a lifetime, for that matter—of vigorous outdoor adventure. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    Montanans know all too well the dread-inducing buzz of a rattlesnake’s tail—and how these slithering serpents can cast a dark shadow over an otherwise glorious summer day. Read more >>
  • Spring 2011

    the editors
    How to calculate your asshole footprint.
    Keeler, Greg
    You should of been here yesterday. I mean spoons was workin’ like Jesushisself was puttin' 'em on the hook. Hell, Roy Dean, he seen Bobby Dontoss a Alka Seltzer where they was rootin' and a little one took it, then a Read more >>
    Sundborg, Caitlin
    Feelin’ hot, hot, hot! If you’re looking for a little somethin’ to tickle your taste buds, give Oso Loco a try. This versatile sauce goes great with tacos, eggs, chili, or anything else you feel like spicing up. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    Bungee cords come in many styles, from cheap Wal-Mart flimsies to burly S-hook straps used for lashing big-rig load covers. One flaw common to all, though, is eventual deterioration—nylon bungees eventually stretch out, and even professional-grade rubber degrades. Read more >>
    McGlynn, Shawn
    You can see them bouncing near dusk.Like the deer, antelope, and elkthat used to live here.On pavement and in the shadow ofsodium vapor lamps they dance,frolic, and try to forget everything thatbrought them here and busied their days. Read more >>
  • Winter 2010-11

    Corinne Garcia
    There are some places that many women try to avoid, and let’s face it, a locker room full of sweaty guys—along with their stinky, unwashed capilene—is one of them. Read more >>
    Barba, Katie
    Most people don’t think a hood on a vest is necessary—sort of like screen doors on a battleship. To the contrary, however, I found the hood on the Whisper Hoodie Vest delightful. Read more >>
    Krueger, Ryan
    Do not underestimate the need for a bomber sleeping bag when spending time outdoors this winter. Long, frigid days and cold, stormy nights take their toll without a solid refuge from the elements. Read more >>
    the editors
    We've all seen him: the guy up on the ridge who looks like a total mess. He's holding the line up, he's swinging skis and poles everywhere, and he's stopping in the middle of everything to fix his gloves. Read more >>
    Bass, Rick
    The Talus and Salish are two sweet little packs from the Jansport Cloud Ripper series. Both are small and snug and tight on the body, resulting in high functionality no matter the activity. Read more >>
  • Fall 2010

    Gary Jones
    The spruce bud worm is no friend to the forests, but after a decade or so of this "late-summer-early-fall" phenomenon, trout everywhere are conditioned to the late-season treat. Read more >>
    the editors
    Creative solutions to a growing problem.
    The Editors
    O/B’s Rundown of Bipedal Fauna
    Sid Gustafson
    Our lame cowboy carefully gimps up The Bozeman alley, that long Rouse alley. His cane of twisted box elder weighs The gnarled burdens of his range-riddled bones. Leaves as if petals cushion his way. Read more >>
    Drew Pogge
    We’re all falling down We leaves on the lam Spinning like sailors Walking on land And land where we may Any land at all There’s a place for each Bright leaf of the fall Yellow, orange And deep, bloody red Read more >>
  • Summer 2010

    England, Mike
    In wildlife-rich Montana, it’s common to spot a cool raptor flying overhead—but how often can you identify it? Was it a hawk or falcon? Swainson’s or red-tailed? Prairie or peregrine? Read more >>
    Joy MacPherson
    It was enough that we pledged to show her dead body to her yellow lab, Shamus. Now we were asked to spread her ashes atop “Lady B.” It’s what lifelong friends must do. Read more >>
    Murphy, Terri
    If you’re looking for a watch that does just about everything an outdoor enthusiast could want, without costing a fortune, this might be the one. Read more >>
    Barrows, Susan
    From hiking to swimming to flushing game birds, Bozeman-area dogs are an active, energetic bunch. But no matter how fit and healthy they may be, all dogs eventually experience the effects of trauma and aging. Read more >>
    Pape, Jay
    “I can quit whenever I want.” And sometimes I do. But coffee is a fickle mistress, and one whiff of a good brew sends me clamoring for a fix. I’ve sampled beans from Norway to Antarctica, and I have a penchant for a certain dark brew out of San Francisco. Read more >>
  • Spring 2010

    Drew Pogge
    What to do till summer.
    Pete Muennich
    With the addition of Slushman’s chairlift, more relaxed Ridge rules, and the opening of side-country access gates on both sides of the mountain, things may feel a little different to those who grew up skiing Bridger Bowl. Read more >>
    Tina Orem
    With all the attention on Canada over the last few months, it was natural for us to wonder about Banff, home to the Banff Center for Mountain Culture and originator of one of Bozeman’s all-time favorite events, the Banff Mountain Film Festival. Read more >>
    Amy McMahon
    Looks like the tax bills might be going up for the folks in the Gallatin National Forest's 198 privately owned cabins, many of which were built decades ago when the U.S. Forest Service began leasing federal lands to Americans in the early twentieth century. Read more >>
    Tina Orem
    If you've ever wanted an invitation onto Ted Turner's famous Green Ranch, along the Madison River west of Bozeman, dress as a buffalo and you just might get in. Read more >>
  • Winter 2009-10

    the editors
    Bozeman-area skiers and snowboarders have plenty of hazards to deal with on the hill: rocks, ice, tree wells, unmarked cliffs, poor visibility, half-stoned trust-funders poaching your line. The last thing you need is an inadvertent run-in with a gaper. Read more >>
    Bill Schneider
    I’m not a gun nut. I’m a regular nut who owns guns, but only to hunt, not to defend my home and family, join the militia or fight the forces of tyranny.Gun nuts don’t scare or intimidate me. Instead, I’m learning a few things from them. You can, too. Read more >>
    Ryan Krueger
    The forest, once too thick to ski through, had thinned and opened itself up, granting us the opportunity to explore its altered terrain. Read more >>
    Reuss, Dave
    As soon as snow covers the ground, you can count on Bozemanites rushing to their favorite spots for some sweet sledding action. Read more >>
    Reuss, Dave
    Montana is known for its big skies and even bigger skiing, but how did it all start? Downhill in Montana (Pictorial Histories, $25) features hundreds of detailed photos and documents detailing the birth and development of skiing in Montana. Read more >>
  • Fall 2009

    England, Mike
    Fanning out across the field, a dog in front of each of us, we move slowly, deliberately, through the hayfield’s saffron stubble. It’s late morning in the lower Madison Valley; the sky is clear and bright, with a cool, persistent breeze. Perfect hunting weather. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    I took the Mystery Ranch Snapdragon on a full-day trail hike; on a long, steep approach to an alpine climb; and on an all-day, off-trail scouting trip deep in the wilderness. The Snapdragon did what Mystery Ranch packs are known for: riding well and making the load more comfortable. Read more >>
    MacDonald, Sean
    I picked up a pair of Flojos (pronounced flo-hos, meaning kick back in Spanish) Primo sandals, not expecting much, but needing some after my veteran kicks had fallen apart. I was pleasantly surprised—they've got great arch support, great cushioning, and a soft feel on the feet. Read more >>
    MacDonald, Sean
    If you need a straightforward, light, and extremely durable messenger pack, check out the Outa Ware Messenger Bag. Read more >>
  • Summer 2009

    Illustration by Blaise Arsenault
    the editors
    Every day, one stalwart citizen does the right thing, while another acts like a blithering bonehead. Here's a recap of admirable acts and embarrassing blunders for the summer season.Champs: Read more >>
    Bill Schneider
    In the past, I've written about options hikers and wilderness groups had to make peace with mountain bikers so the two key constituencies could work together to protect roadless land. One option was urging Congress to pass another organic act creating a true alternative land designation. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    For more technical information about spending time in the mountains, pick up The Altitude Experience (Globe Pequot Press, $23) by high-altitude climber Mike Farris. Read more >>
    Wozer, Jeff
    "Almost ready?" Megan asked."Getting there," I replied while stuffing the tent into my backpack. "You excited?" "Of course," I lied. "It will be fun." Read more >>
    Ponca, Peter
    Be a team player. With more and more people traveling the backcountry, trails are getting crowded. Whether on bike, foot, or in your vehicle, be aware of your environment and give other trail users the space they need-especially the horse riders. Read more >>
  • Spring 2009

    Perkins, Rich
    Robbins divides Montana into seven regions in this recreationist’s guide to Montana’s public lands. Each region has 50-odd pages of description, complete with color pictures, maps, travel tips, and history to describe its wealth of habitat, wildlife refuges, and state parks. Read more >>
    Tina Orem
    50 Recipes for camp and trail.
    DiSanti, Mary Jane
    Glacier National Park: The First 100 Years (hardback $40) by C. W. Guthrie is a stunning coffee-table book full of history and wonderful old photographs. Did you know that more than 4,000 people attended the opening ceremony for the Going-to-the-Sun Road? Read more >>
    DiSanti, Mary Jane
    Books on avalanche safety have been flying out the doors. They include ABCs of Avalanche Safety by Sue A. Ferguson and Edward R. Read more >>
    DiSanti, Mary Jane
    We are excited to have two new children's books about Greg Mortenson's work building schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Listen to the Wind: The Story of Dr. Greg and Three Cups of Tea (hardcover $17) is written for kids in preschool up to about eight years old. Read more >>
  • Winter 2008-09

    Drew Pogge
    Sigmund Freud should have studied the ski area lift line. If he had, rather than screwing around with silly Oedipus theories and catering to his clear obsession with breasts, he would’ve found personalities and behavior of another order: the order of The Line. Read more >>
    Melynda Coble
    In 1982, Alan Kesselheim moved to Bozeman and began his writing career. He was done with his job as an outdoor education director in Wisconsin and wanted to come West to the state his dad was born and raised in, and the town—Bozeman—where the woman he had fallen in love with lived. Read more >>
    Lara Vaienti
    Greg Keeler is a sensible and serious poet who also happens to be laugh-out-loud funny,” says Tim Cahill, an author and friend of Keeler’s. According to Dave Quammen, another friend, “Greg has written lunatic masterpieces. He sings pretty good for such a big guy. Read more >>
    Melynda Harrison
    The Greater Yellowstone region is chock-full of cross-country ski trails. Whether you want to ski with your pup, watch wildlife, or spend a night in a yurt, we’ve picked out some of the best trails in the area. Read more >>
    Patterson, Amber
    This past September, the Gallatin Valley Land Trust ramped up its Main Street to the Mountains trail system by opening a new trail off of McIlhattan Road. It’s called the Snowfill Recreation Area and is located on 37 acres of land just north of the Bozeman City Landfill. Read more >>
  • Fall 2008

    Tina Orem
    What you oughta know. 
    Katie Tomkinson
    After spending a sufficient amount of time on the river this summer, I have a pretty good idea of what to bring. FishPond's Blizzard Soft Cooler was a nice addition to my weekend trips. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    Amid a sea of compact headlamps lacking significant differences, UK’s Vizion stands out. Not only is it waterproof—UK stands for Underwater Kinetics—but the bulb is mounted along a battery-pack cylinder that rotates like a socket rather than on a hinge. Read more >>
    Dare to Be Safe
    Keeler, Greg
    Whether yodeling into the thunder mug or drivingThe porcelain Buick or talking to Ralph on the bigWhite phone, your bear brain is making you do it. The prigIn you hollers, “Enough of the life!” This bear brain is jiving Read more >>
  • Summer 2008

    Caplette, Jenna
    If you have a camera that allows you to change the lens—a single-lens reflex (SLR) camera—specialty filters will improve the quality of your photographs. So before you head out to take photographs in high mountain country this spring, be sure you have a polarizing filter. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    Dogs, it is often said, are people too. And while that statement may be subject to interpretation, I think we can all agree that like us, dogs do have at least some material needs. Here’s a rundown of some useful pet products for the summer season. Read more >>
    Gravelly Mountains, Montana, Montana Wildflowers
    Marjorie Smith
    Gravelly Range wildlife tour.
    Kira Stoops
    Montana summers are beautiful, but what if you need to break that been-there-done-that bad mood you've been in lately? We've got the perfect fix: Ennis.Fourth of July Parade & Rodeo Read more >>
    Marcum, Mike
    The Big Hole River is the first choice of any Butte-area angler, with its wide variety of hatches and hungry trout. Just 30 minutes south of Butte on I-15, there is a chance at rainbows, browns, cutthroat, brook trout, whitefish, and grayling. Read more >>
  • Spring 2008

    Frost, Mick
    After wandering the mountains of the Pacific Northwest for most of her life, a happy bipedal hominoid named Hairy Ann has finally settled down in Missoula, Montana. “I’m ready for a more urbanized lifestyle,” the Bigfoot-human cross says. Read more >>
    Orem, Tina
    730 billion: dollars spent on active outdoor recreation in U.S., 200624 million: number of Americans who paddle every year6 million: number of Americans who play soccer15.9: percent of men over age 30 who have been married twice Read more >>
    Joe King
    Finding home in Montana.
    England, Mike
    There’s no shortage of energy bars on the market today—my local grocery store, for example, devotes an area bigger than my closet to them—but most have only subtle differences in flavor, shape, etc. Read more >>
    Ponca, Peter
    Even if a thick mane of hair protects your head, you may still need a little extra coverage when exposed to the elements. The Adventure Hat from Sunday Afternoons should be an essential part of all outdoor enthusiasts’ wardrobes. Read more >>
  • Winter 2007-08

    Mike England
    Alpine Ice & Rock Guideby Ron Brunckhorst
    Dehmer, Kurt
    When the snowy season comes, most sporting folk clean and lock up the firearms and spend most of their winter recreation time waiting in lift lines and watching the sky for fresh powder. Read more >>
    Pogge, Drew
    Intro to ice climbing.
    Steve Kuntz
    When an unexpected dinner guest or a long day at the office makes dinner preparation seem impossible, turn to this shortcut curry and relax. If you have canned coconut milk, chicken in the freezer, and a little red curry paste hiding at the back of the refrigerator, you are halfway there. Read more >>
    Orem, Tina
    I think it’s fair to say that we’re all sick and tired of hearing about already. So in hope that we can help everyone remember that the internet should help people enjoy their lives, not be their lives, here are a few of our favorite outdoor-oriented websites. Read more >>
  • Fall 2007

    The Sasquatch fly, Fly Fishing Montana, Yellow Dog Flyfishing
    Doug Mcknight
    Tying and fishing the Sasquatch.
    Kelly Stoll
    It’s hunting season in Montana and everyone’s gearing up to fill their freezers. Read more >>
    fishing, trout, Three Forks
    Kurt Dehmer
    One cannot mention Three Forks and autumn in the same sentence without conjuring up images of the big brown and rainbow trout that begin their fall calorie glut in the Gallatin, Madison, and Jefferson rivers. Read more >>
    Barker, Dave
    A wicker creel box and bamboo rod would be nice complements to the Filson Fishing Tackle Pack. Despite its old-school style, the pack’s functions are cutting-edge. The two front utility slots offer a handy place to stow nippers and forceps. Read more >>
    Bugling Elk and Sleeping Grizzlies
    Tina Orem
    Shirley Craighead, wife of the late entomologist and naturalist Dr. Frank Craighead, edited and developed this short book for kids. Dr. Read more >>
  • Summer 2007

    Dave Barker
    Don’t buy Trapper Badovinac’s Fly Fishing the Solitude: Montana if you’re expecting the author to reveal his favorite fishing spots. Read more >>
    Dave Barker
    I am one of the clumsiest waders I know. I’ve always blamed my lack of grace on poor balance and overexcitement, but after trying the Simms G3 Guide Boots I now blame past stumbles on my old wading boots. Read more >>
    the editors
    Welcome to the Last Old West.1. Pull up your droopy pants. You look like an idiot. Read more >>
    Hurlbut, Brian
    Big Sky’s community park received a huge boost over the winter when it received an additional 23 acres, finalizing a much-anticipated deal that will one day create one of the most stunning multiuse parks in the state. Read more >>
    Becky Edwards
    With a name like “the Devil’s Backbone,” this race will deter all but the hardcore, sweat-smelling, Gu-loving, suffer-fest fans of the running persuasion from their quest for personal victory. Read more >>
  • Spring 2007

    Spring Fly Fishing Montana
    Anderson, George
    Early-season trout haunts.
    spring skiing bozeman, emigrant peak montana, outside bozeman
    Edwards, Becky
    From Iowa to Emigrant Peak. 
    carhartt thong, fashion
    Joe King
    Bozeman's latest fashion craze.
    Patterson, Amber
    When spring finally arrives and you’re itching to get outside for some early-season activity, a good pair of hiking boots is a must. Enter the Jannu Lo by Lowa—easily the best light-hiking boot I have ever worn. The shoes are really comfortable and well-made. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    I’ve always avoided four-season tents—the extra weight of a nine-pound double-wall never seemed worth it, and single-walls usually lack that all-important vestibule—but one too many butt-cold January nights in the backcountry made me reconsider. Read more >>
  • Winter 2006-07

    Tina Orem
    Land Navigation Handbook: The Sierra Club Guide to Map, Compass, & GPSby W.S. KalsSierra Club Books Read more >>
    Bjorklund, Anna
    The morning air was crisp and the camp coffee strong. “I think I’d like to be a mountaineer,” my friend Naomi told me on the final morning of a backpacking trip in the Bridgers. “Could you teach me a few things?” Read more >>
    Matthews, Jason
    Customer satisfaction is the name of the game in the guiding industry. Success should be judged by everyone having a safe, fun outing regardless of the activity. Read more >>
    An image of insanity-the author prepares for his run and confirms just how cold it is
    John Dudas
    Since the Las Vegas marathon was only three weeks away, this was the day, in early January 2005, that we needed to do the capstone 23-mile training run. Read more >>
    winer, sky, stars, nighttime
    Manning, Jim
    Montana’s horse-and-buggy days are long over, the buckboards and freight wagons of frontier days have been replaced by today’s 4x4 pickup for hauling modern Westerners and their gear. Read more >>
  • Fall 2006

    Mike St. Thomas
    In honor of the November gridiron meeting between our beloved Bobcats and the hated Grizzlies, this season’s battle of college towns goes Montana-style. Read more >>
    Drew Pogge Outside Bozeman, Bozeman Outdoor Recreation
    Pogge, Drew
    Ten years at O/B.
    Mike England
    Convenience is key at hunting camp—after a long day chasing elk through rugged Montana country, the last thing you need is to be stooped over a lightweight backpacking stove, struggling to prepare a hearty supper for you and your famished friends. Read more >>
    Sather, Kelsey
    Nobody cares for a foot full of poop. You know the story—you head to the park, kick off the flips for some barefoot grass-strolling, and your first frolicking leap comes down on a huge, steamin' pile of doggie delight. Not pleasant. Read more >>
  • Summer 2006

    biks, bike maintenance, bike kitchen
    Steve Bjorklund
    Basic bike maintenance for a longer-lasting ride.
    Edwards, Becky
    Southwest Montana's most convenient gems.
    England, Mike
    Not every mountainous region in the world is blessed with the quality of life we enjoy in Montana. The people of Nepal and Tibet, for example, are so bad off in places that they lack access to education, clean water, and other basic needs. But a few Bozeman locals aim to change all that. Read more >>
    Weber, Shannon
    Sending out the week with some gas.
    Greg Keeler
  • Spring 2006

    Montana Creekboating, West Fork Gallatin
    David Schroeder
    Creekboating in southwest Montana. 
    Becky Edwards
    Portrait of a climber.
    star map, spring sky, Montana, corona borealis
    Manning, Jim
    The crown of the spring sky. 
    Weber, Jonathan
    The old West was built on logging, mining, and ranching, and the New West is being built on tourism, technology, and the “amenity” economy—or so the conventional wisdom goes. Read more >>
    Schutz, Jason
    Any day you pull on a dry top is a good day. Even if it’s late winter and 30 degrees at the Beartrap put-in—which is where I found myself testing out the new Lotus Designs Royal Flush dry top. Lotus has a reputation for making quality gear, and I soon found out why. Read more >>
  • Winter 2005-06

    Bozeman, Dogs, Winter
    Vaia Barkas
    It snowed last night, I can smell it. The dry air, the chill nudging the back of my throat. The tip of my nose feels numb. Engulfed in a lair of blankets I retreat into sleep. It’s way too early. Read more >>
    Marjorie Smith
    Remembering the early days at Bridger Bowl. 
    Winter Astrology, Bozeman, Zodiac
    Manning, Jim
    Winter astronomy.
    Lewis, Jimmy
    When the temperatures plunge to frighteningly low numbers and even the desire to tromp out onto the ice begins to wane, take heart—this is the time to partake in an annual reorganization of your beloved fly collection. Read more >>
    Stewart, Lucia
    More than hot tubs and house parties.
  • Fall 2005

    Jimmy Lewis
    Just Before Dark, a collection of essays by renowned American writer Jim Harrison (Legends of the Fall, Revenge) is a provocatively rendered compilation of the author’s thoughts on everything from Zen to neuroses to ice fishing. Read more >>
    Dallas Skinner
    A bird's-eye view.
    Keeler, Greg
    You were here first.I can see why in the way the rivers don't rob you of what the streams gave.The dim rosettes on your sides live behind your spotsin another timeas if Lewis and Clark were still planning to meet near Read more >>
    Ryan Jordan
    Going light.
    Kayser, Mitch
    So you shot an elk, ate the backstraps, and made most of it into sausage and jerky. Now what to do with the odds and ends? Sure, you could make them into chili, but didn’t you do that last year? It’s time to expand your culinary repertoire and branch out. Read more >>
  • Summer 2005

    Coble, Melynda
    If you've ever had to pull porcupine quills out of a dog's face or wondered why your pal won't stop panting and laying in the shade during a trail run, then you need local veterinarian Sid Gustafson's new book First Aid for the Active Dog (Alpine Blue Ribbon Books, $18). Read more >>
    England, Mike
    Zuke’s—Durango, CO Jerky Naturals $20 (6 bags) 866-985-3364 Read more >>
    Keeler, Greg
    Is irony something beyond us—in the mindof a fish (if fish have minds), in the way a dogcocks its head or a cat looks behinditself when it knows nothing's there? In the logof human misery, the fates always providethese illustrations: man bites dog, fish hook Read more >>
    England, Mike
    Arborwear—Newbury, OHDouble Seat Climber - $45www.arborwear.com888-578-TREE
    England, Mike
    Crazy Crib LEX—CRAZY CREEK
  • Spring 2005

    Kayaking the Clark's Fork, The Yellowstone River rapids, Outside Bozeman.
    Schroeder, Dave
    The Clark's Fork of the Yellowstone.
    Photo by Mike Cline
    Kesselheim, Alan
    A month of Mondays on the East Gallatin. Read more >>
    Orem, Tina
    In New Mexico, it's 100 degrees out in July and the last thing you want to do is walk around with 20 pounds of golf clubs on your back for four hours. But that's what I did summer after summer as a kid, because my parents kept signing me up for lessons and tournaments. Read more >>
    Deibert, Mark
    Thanks in part to the recent extreme sport craze, whitewater kayaking has evolved dramatically in the last ten years. What was once a relatively unknown sport now ranks high on the list of the most popular adventure activities. Read more >>
    Maffly, Brian
    Ultimate, the field sport played with a flying disc, was born of 1960s college-campus counterculture. It has since matured into a highly competitive sport where nice guys almost never win anymore. But you can see the game played at its spiritual roots in mixed-gender events like Bozofest. Read more >>
  • Winter 2004-05

    Ault, Megan
    Walk through the halls of Longfellow Elementary School and you enter a world where art and the outdoors intersect. Four walls throughout the school are testimony to the overall art theme that Longfellow has adopted: A Sense of Place. Read more >>
    Kelley, Shannon
    It happens all the time in this great valley we live in. Read more >>
    Stifter, John
    In only its second year of existence, Moonlight Basin has already become a household name in the Bozeman area. Their marketing efforts can be best described by one word: relentless. Read more >>
    Between A Rock And A Hard Place
    Tina Orem
    Between a Rock and a Hard PlaceAron RalstonNew York, New YorkAtria Books, 2004 Read more >>
  • Fall 2004

    Mike England
    The law locks up the man or womanWho steals the goose from off the common,But lets the greater felon looseWho steals the common from the goose.—Anonymous Read more >>
    Delin, Colter
    by Don Butcher - Wyoming, MILane Coyote, 2001 - 216 pages Read more >>
    knife, hunting, gear
    Ryan Litwin
    Kodiak FDT Knife - $40www.browning.com800-333-3288
    Lunney, Fran
    San Juan Hand Net - $94www.fisknat.com253.538.1084
    England, Mike
    Impulse Keylight - $15www.princetontech.com609.298.9331
  • Summer 2004

    Center, Dean
    Bill Johnson just wanted to get his life back on track. After the tremendous high of winning Olympic Gold in the Downhill at Sarajevo, his personal life became a mess. He decided to go back to the beginning, back to the place where he'd felt successful- going maniacally fast on snow. Read more >>
    Kayser, Mitch
    The long days of summer are here for us to enjoy... but what to do? Well, load up the car with your camping gear and get out there is what I say. Enjoy Montana for what it is, an outdoor person's paradise. Read more >>
    Ault, Megan
    July 10, 9 a.m.-5:30 p.m.Depot Rotary Park in Livingston, MontanaSustainability is…a vision and a journey that promotes environmental stewardship, economic prosperity, and community well being. Sustainability is achieved through the choices we make every day. Read more >>
    Kristof, Debbie
    The Bozeman area offers numerous summer recreation activities, including the opportunity to spend these long summer evenings tossing around a Frisbee with a bunch of Bozos. I’m speaking, of course, of Bozeman’s Ultimate team, the Bozos. Read more >>
    Manning, Jim
    Whether you’re a saddle-weary cowpoke or a wilderness adventurer, there seems to be one gastronomical truth about the Western mythos of outdoor living: at the end of a long, hard day on the range, the ridge, or the river, no Western campfire would seem complete without its coffee pot, ready to ta Read more >>
  • Spring 2004

    Megan Ault
    Ask about twelve-hour workdays stacked up, sometimes in blistering hot or numbingly frigid weather, continuous fatigue, or aches in the body, and Terry Johnson will still insist he has the best job in the world. Read more >>
    Wessol, Amanda
    If you’re looking for a way to expand your knowledge about wilderness issues, look no further. Read more >>
    Larry Diskin
    Explore your world by bike.
    This is Feldarb from Parallel 12 reportingback to Carbolyte in the Fifth GalacticQuadrant. We've dismissed our plans for abortingour mission and are considering a new tactic.The creature specified in your orders appearsto be infected by a phosphorescent mold. Read more >>
    Schwedler, Jon
    Two hundred and one years ago this month, Merriweather Lewis sat down at a table in rainy Fort Clatsop and gave consideration to an animal the Indians called “pekan,” one he personally referred to as the “black fox.” He described it thus: Read more >>
  • Winter 2003-04

    Mike England
    Lone Mountain Ranch's sleighride dinner.
    Thielman-Ibes, Kim
    Connoisseurs can take ski waxing to an elevated art form; here we’ll just cover the basics. Before you wax you have a few simple equipment choices: ski support or vice, waxing iron, and lastly some scrapers and brushes. Read more >>
    Orms, R. Kent
    Telemarking is one of those things, like rock climbing or perhaps fly fishing, that can’t be easily explained to outsiders. I mean, why make skiing harder than it has to be? Read more >>
    Center, Dean
    I’ve helped hundreds of people travel to literally every corner of the globe, and my pre-trip visits with some of them continue to amaze me. Read more >>
    Elk Winter Range, Paradise Valley
    Sinay, Ken
    Where the wild things go.
  • Fall 2003

    Jeff Hostetler
    Early fall is a temperamental time in Southwest Montana. As night temperatures ease into the 40s, the daytime thermometer might reach 80, but it might also plummet to 30. Snow might collect in the rocky couloirs, or anglers might squeeze 30-proof sunscreen on exposed arms and legs. Read more >>
    Shannon Kelley
    Our days are much shorter now, the rays of sun have faded in intensity, and the blades of grass have lost their luster. Although the leaves of autumn have merely begun, winter calls to us from around the corner with a northern chill in the air. Read more >>
    Huelsmeyer, Susanne
    The wind has died and sunset is not far away now. Birds are trilling in the bushes while insects hum and buzz above the peaceful wetland. Here and there, a fish rises to snatch an unsuspecting fly for dinner. Ducks squawk sleepily from further upstream. Read more >>
    Orem, Tina
    There is a certain sickness involved in being a foodie. Read more >>
    Mark Downey
    The conventions of bird hunting distract the uninitiated from the sport’s finest points. Read more >>
  • Summer 2003

    Orem, Tina
    Like the title indicates, Kalispell’s Ben Long presents a collection of bear stories from across Montana. Read more >>
    Tina Orem
    MARK OF THE GRIZZLY by Scott McMillion Guilford, CT: Globe Pequot Press, 1998 249 pages Read more >>
    Kelley, Shannon
    In the small town of Willow Creek (not far from Three Forks, Montana), as basketball season begins and ends, Stanley West takes us through the lives of those participating on and off the court in the Blind Your Ponies. Read more >>
    Kelley, Shannon
    Set in the prairies of eastern Montana from 1916 to 1946, In Open Spaces is about the lives of the Arbuckle brothers. First we meet George, a man on the brink of baseball stardom, whose life ends unexpectedly under mysterious circumstances. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    There are a few places on earth where fishermen’s dreams are forged within a framework of grandeur and natural beauty—an elegant overlay in which fish are a single element among many. Read more >>
  • Spring 2003

    Spring Corn, Backcountry Skiing, Bozeman, Monrtana
    Chabot, Doug
    For sweet spring corn.
    England, Mike
    Sick of seeing grocery bags wrapped around tree limbs as you’re casting for trout? How about those empty Budweiser cans bobbing alongside your boat? If you prefer our local streams waste-free, then join the Gallatin Valley Wad’n Women for a river clean up on Sunday, April 27th. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    Like any other issue that affects us and our recreation around Bozeman, the important thing is to get involved. But unlike many governmental policies, your voice DOES make a difference with the Gallatin National Forest's travel plan. Read more >>
    Orms, R. Kent
    It was a curious moment on the steep hillside. After miles of rhythmic skinning in the early light of dawn, the trail turned upward. Read more >>
    Center, Dean
    It's spring again, the season of renewal and anticipation. In a good year, you've had your fill of snow and cold by now. There's only so much you can stand of the climbing wall and the swim center. Summer's coming, and you're mad to get out. Read more >>
  • Winter 2002-03

    David Galliard
    Bozeman's backyard beast, the lynx.
    Kelley, Shannon
    It's the ever-looming question: When will Bridger Bowl allow access to the backcountry from its north and south boundaries? Bridger Bowl and the Forest Service have been in discussion over this for many years and there are several issues influencing the decision-making process. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    When it comes to outdoor recreation, gear is like money: there’s no such thing as too much. Problem is, gear takes up space, and when you’re loading the car for a multisport weekend road trip, space tends to be your biggest commodity. Read more >>
    Reddinger, Drew
    If you’re like me, riding fresh powder is one of the greatest feelings of all—the type of addictive pleasure that influences life decisions. It’s that addiction that brings us away from the chairlifts and tracked lines of ski hills and into the pristine backcountry. Read more >>
    Ken Sinay
    There's a distinct sense of adventure in following animal tracks in the snow, and winter is probably the best time for developing your tracking skills. Read more >>
  • Summer 2002

    Mike England
    The “No Trespassing” sign loomed large on the dry, cracked fencepost, its black letters cold and threatening. A hundred yards behind it lay the river, calling to me in sonorous tones of riffle and rushing current. Read more >>
    Missouri River, floating in MT, Outside Bozeman,
    Mike England
    Floating the Missouri Headwaters.
    Orms, R. Kent
    If you want to get in some good rock-climbing without the approach and commitment of an alpine climb, "the Canyon" is your spot. Gallatin Canyon’s gneiss formations are close by, just long and exposed enough to get your heart going, and many climbs see very little traffic. Read more >>
    Mistretta, Jeremy
    The seasons have changed. The death of winter has brought flourished life to the mountains, canyons, and valleys. Alpine moisture has changed from a solid to a liquid form. Sporting enthusiasts have also changed their form, from snow sliders, to river riders. Read more >>
    Wheeler, Soren
    Our own local marathon, joining the path taken by Lewis and Clark in their expedition west, will return for its third year on September 29th. The 26.2-mile course has had some slight changes this year. Read more >>
  • Winter 2001-02

    Skiing, Backcountry, skinning, Mountains
    Annie Fast
    Backcountry gold diggin'.
    Bridger Bowl, Gallatin Historical Museum
    Regnerus, Megan
    Bozeman's original extreme skiers.
    Ault, Megan
    Scroll through your mind on a frigid January afternoon for something fun to do and chances are it won’t involve stripping down to a bathing suit and completely submerging yourself in the neighborhood pond—a body of water sealed with thick ice, save a tiny inlet. Read more >>
    England, Mike
    When it comes to local controversies, last year’s announcement of the Yellowstone Park snowmobile phase-out is hard to beat for right-wing rancor, left-wing quixotism, and just about every reaction and viewpoint in between. Read more >>
    Outside Bozeman
    Founded in 1990 to “provide the public with current snowpack and mountain weather information and avalanche education,” the GNFAC is a tremendous resource for any backcountry visitor. Read more >>
  • Summer 2001

    Trout, Parks Reese
    Greg Keeler
    Finding one's place in the grand stream of things.  Read more >>
    Keeler, Greg
    Behind the stockyards trout are taking nymphs, so you ditch the evening news and hit the stream. On the first cast you get a rainbow, a piggish wallowing blimp of a fish. It’s headed for the biker bar downstream and into your backing when it finds a rusted turquoise Plymouth fin and breaks off. Read more >>
    Kent Orms
    Ok, you’ve made the big investment and bought a boat. Then you had to buy paddles, maybe a sprayskirt or a frame, then a helmet and a PFD. Your wallet’s thin enough to shave with, but you still need outerwear. Something durable and comfortable, something inexpensive but bomber. Read more >>
    Frost, Mick
    A boat’s a boat, right? That’s what we thought. Then we took Yellowstone Drifter's new 16-foot Guide Boat out for a day on the lower Madison. Read more >>
    Mike Becker
    In the deep green world of its backcountry, a hiker with a small pair of binoculars and an alert nature will get to know, up close and personal, many of the birds of Yellowstone Park. Read more >>
  • Winter 2000-01

    Mike England
    Where to soak around southwest Montana.
    field forecasting, Montana weather
    England, Mike
    Reading the weather.
    Climbing Genesis
    Saari, Hans
    Travails of a first-time ice climber. 
    Montana Wolfers, Wolf Eradication
    Smith, Phyllis
    A history of wolf-eradication in the Gallatin Valley. Read more >>
    Garcia, Mike
    Ahh, winter is here: the air is cold, the snow is falling – now is the time to hibernate, right? Wrong. Now is the time to enjoy the peace and solitude of winter in a way that awakens all your senses. Read more >>
  • Summer 2000

    Mike England
    By the skin of his teeth.
    Mann, David
    Hiking Montana's mountain trails is enjoyment in and of itself, but when you add the thrill of birding, it takes on a whole new level of wonder and excitement – like turning a lazy, late-afternoon river float into a safari expedition. Read more >>
    Mike England
    Through the fog they come, through the early morning mist: two hundred loping crusaders, steely-eyed and sweat-soaked, rushing forward like a herd of wild horses – side-stepping boulders, hurdling fallen logs, and propelling themselves, chests heaving, through the steep and rocky terrain. Read more >>
    Mike England
    I intended to mow the lawn. I really did. Not that I felt any real need to, but I’d seen someone else doing it, so I thought what the heck, I might as well do it too. Read more >>
    Altermatt, Joy
    I am not a fly fisherman. Lacking a true affinity for political correctness, I am not a fly fisherwoman either. But I do like to fly-fish. It is therapy and yet it is madness, like an addiction. Read more >>
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