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What in the World book, Parks Reece

Artistic Opiner

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Brogger, Lilly

The latest from Parks Reece.

Famed Livingston artist Parks Reece has a new book out, and you’re going to want to pick this one up. What in the World ($15, self-published) puts a new spin on environmental issues, presenting them with a mixture of humor and realism only Reece can muster. The paintings were born out of Reece’s “State of the West” column in Outside Bozeman magazine. Each piece pairs his singular artistic accounts of environmental concerns with pertinent pieces of text and quotes that provide additional context. The collection also includes art relating to Chinese environmental issues, and highlights Reece’s insight and artistic ability. Addressing everything from climate change to development, this short read will leave you thinking about your role as a citizen and outdoor enthusiast. Available on

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