How Far Will You Go?

How Far Will You Go?

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Winner: Michael Yarnall

Photo 1: Antartica
Photo 2: Australia
Photo 3: Alaska

While studying Weddell Seals in Erebus Bay, Antarctica, I’ve had the opportunity to see some truly spectacular sights. This past season, however, I decided to see even more by taking a roundabout return to Bozeman. After leaving Antarctica in December 2013, I stopped over in New Zealand before continuing on to Australia, where my girlfriend (and fellow Bozemanite) Lindsey Hanna joined me for a 3,700-mile road-trip. Following our adventures in Australia, Lindsey returned to Bozeman, but I continued on, visiting friends in Fairbanks, Alaska and onward up the Dalton Highway so I could stand on the far sides of both the Antarctic Circle and the Arctic Circle in less than one month’s time. Through it all, from just over 78 degrees south latitude to above 66 degrees north latitude, I carried a copy of Outside Bozeman


Ed & Karen Thomes, Grand Cayman
Aaron Traxinger, Doi Suthep, Thailand
Tim Dolan, Kasozi Village, Uganda
Dustin Rothenberg, Titiribi, Colombia
Charlie Pinkava, Cape Horn, Chile
Stephanie Cole, Mingo Cay, Virgin Islands
Kent Kasting, Revelstoke, BC

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