Crush-It Tee—CoolCore

CoolCore Crush-It Tee

Crush-It Tee—CoolCore

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David Tucker

It's the middle of summer in Montana: "hot" doesn't begin to describe what it can feel like on the trails this time of year. Luckily, apparel technology has reached the point where our clothes are actually making us cooler. Sounds gimmicky, but it's true. The latest example I've tried is the Crush-It t-shirt from CoolCore. The cooling technology is added directly to the fabric, so theoretically, the shirt should retain those cooling capabilities for its entire life cycle. Vents along the sides of the shirt reduce weight and add to the heat-shedding properties. It's also UPF 30+, so your skin benefits as well. 

In practice, the Crush-It delivers. I've been wearing mine trail running, and while I still sweat and it's still hot, I do notice that the shirt's light weight and moisture-wicking properties cool me down faster. The mesh side-vents are a thoughtful addition that not only reduces heat, but also adds a bit of comfort to an otherwise uncomfortable material. The fabric hasn't caused any chaffing and the design is plain enough that I don't draw undue attention while grabbing  groceries after a run. The fit is slim, but true to everyday sizing; you'll wear the same size as your average cotton t-shirt. I also appreciated that the price point didn't leave me scratching my head—the short-sleeved Crush-It is $40, which seems reasonable for something so functional.

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