Jan 2017 Events

Outdoor Sports & Competitions

Jan 19th, Jan 21st, Jan 26th, Jan 28th
Location: Bozeman Running Company, 126 E. Main Time... Details
Jan 21st, Jan 22nd
Location: Bridger Bowl Time: 9am Cost: Subject to... Details
Jan 17th, Jan 24th, Jan 31st
Location: Sklar Bikes, 605 N. Wallace Ave., Bozeman Time: 6... Details
Jan 26th
Location: Lindley Center, Bozeman Time: 4:45pm Cost: $10... Details
Jan 29th
Location: Bridger Bowl Time: 9am Cost: Contact Bridger Bowl... Details

Clinics & Seminars

Jan 18th to Jan 19th, Jan 21st, Jan 20th
Location: MSU SUB Ballroom BC; field day at Bridger Bowl... Details
Jan 20th, Jan 27th
Location: Silver Gate Chamber of Commerce, 206 Main St,... Details
Jan 21st, Jan 28th
Location: Cooke City, MT Time: 10am - 2pm Cost: FREE... Details
Jan 22nd
Location: Bohart Ranch, Bridger Canyon Time: 9:45am Cost: $... Details
Jan 28th to Jan 29th
Location: Lindley Center, Bozeman Cost: $250 Details: Fast-... Details
Jan 28th
Location: Hyalite Day-Use Pavilion, Hyalite Canyon ... Details

Misc. Events

Jan 17th, Jan 19th, Jan 21st, Jan 24th, Jan 26th, Jan 28th, Jan 31st
Location: 2104 Industrial Dr., Bozeman Time:... Details
Jan 20th, Jan 27th
Location: Peets Hill, Bozeman Time: 12pm Cost: FREE Details... Details
Jan 28th
Location: Meet at Buffalo Jump Sports Bar, Gallatin Gateway... Details

Green Events

Jan 18th
Location: Shanai Arts Center, Livingston Time: 4-... Details
Jan 26th
Location: Baxter Hotel, Bozeman Time: 6:30-8:30pm... Details
Jan 30th
Location: State Capitol Rotunda, Helena Time: 12pm... Details

Art, Music & Food

Jan 18th
Location: Emerson Center, Bozeman Time: Doors at 6pm; films... Details
Jan 20th, Jan 21st
Location: Willson Auditorium, Bozeman Time: 7pm Cost: $17... Details
Jan 21st
Location: Emerson Center Ballroom Time: 9am - 12pm Cost:... Details
Jan 21st
Location: Big Sky Resort Time: 6-10pm Cost: $10... Details
Jan 24th
Location: Emerson Center for Arts & Culture Time: Two... Details

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

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