Rebecca Alwine, December 2016

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Monday, December 19, 2016 - 11:26am Rebecca Alwine

On your next winter camping trip.

Children can add an extra element of consideration and work when camping. But using the experience to teach them to be self-sufficient will pay off big time. There are several ways children can pull their own weight on a camping trip this winter, and one is cooking. 

Advance food preparation is a big help when planning meals for a camping trip, and your child's role doesn't have to end there. Of course not all ages can be working over a grill or campfire, but they can certainly prepare and serve meals, making your camping trip a little more enjoyable.

Winter Camping, Bozeman, Montana
Good eatin' leads to good sleepin'.

So, grab these ingredients, a bunch of aluminum foil, and get your children cooking.

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