Beartooth Backcountry Skiing
Babcock, Adam
Almost climbing Granite Peak.
Bell Lake Yurt Haute Route, Tobacco Roots Skiing
Peterson, Simon
A yurt-opian Tobacco Root traverse.
Montana Backcountry Skiing, Ski Touring Montana
Tucker, David
Gear for the backcountry.
G3 Alpinist
Tucker, David
Nothing ruins a day in the backcountry like iffy skins. It can’t be “all about the uphill” if snow is piling up between your skis and your skins, your skins won’t stay attached to your tails, and you’re losing traction after an hour. Read more >>
Scarpa Freedom RS
Peterson, Simon
These boots are made for skiing, and that’s what I plan on doing in ‘em. Read more >>
Backcountry Skiing, Coyote, Montana
Pogge, Drew
When a coyote comes calling.He appeared to me near the river, alone in the cold, and stood watching as I skied closer. Mangy-looking thing, I thought. Read more >>
Patagonia SnowDrifter
Doar, Melissa
Finding the right pack for a tour into the Montana backcountry can be frustrating—until now. The Patagonia SnowDrifter20L makes a great sidekick for short excursions. This ultralight, water-repellent pack has a durable Cordura exterior. Read more >>
G3 Ion LT 12
Pogge, Drew
I'm a big fan of KISS (the acronym, not the band.) Keep It Simple, Stupid. And that's exactly what G3's latest tech binding, the ION LT 12, does. Read more >>
Elephanthead Mountain, Montana Ski Touring
Turiano, Thomas
Winter on Elephanthead.
Mount Blackmore, Bozeman backcountry
Berreth, Mark
Surviving a Blackmore slide.
Carving, skiing Montana, Spring Outside Bozeman 2015
Mike England
To stretch the ski season even further—and enjoy an inimitable skiing experience “at the top of the world”—fill up the tank and head east to the Beartooth Pass. Read more >>
spring skiing bozeman, emigrant peak montana, outside bozeman
Edwards, Becky
From Iowa to Emigrant Peak. 
Spring Corn, Backcountry Skiing, Bozeman, Monrtana
Chabot, Doug
For sweet spring corn.
Spanish Peaks, Avalanche, Beehive Basin
Jauquet, Kala
A close call in the Spanish Peaks.
Photo by Ryan Krueger
England, Mike
Reasons to earn your turns this spring
Gallatin Range, Forest Planning, Devil's Backbone
Anthony Pavkovich
Across the Gallatin Range. 
Review: Blackout Quick Connect
Drew Pogge
Snowmobiles can make accessing distant ski lines easier, but the logistics are never easy. Sleds get stuck, blow up, and are generally a giant pain in the ass—and that goes for strapping your skis to the machine as well. Read more >>
Yellowstone Ski-touring, Fawn Pass
Krueger, Ryan
Up & over Fawn Pass.Wolves.
Stone Glacier Avail 2200 Pack
England, Mike
These days, versatility is the name of the outdoor-gear game, and Bozeman-based Stone Glacier has nailed it with their new pack, the Avail 2200 Read more >>
Stio Environ Bib
Pogge, Drew
I have a heck of a time with ski pants. Since I put a lot of days in, durability is a huge factor, but since I ski primarily in the backcountry, so are weight, venting, and range of motion. Last year, I went through three pairs (two succumbed to ripped crotches and one to a gash in the thigh). Read more >>
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